Answered Prayer Worth $24,500


This is the second in a three part series about spirituality, prayer and marriage.


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Forty-five minutes later, their call came back with good news. The briefcase had been found a block from where the car broke down! $500 was missing, but the rest was there. What thief takes $500 when he or she can have $25,000? Why not take the whole thing? So how is that for an incredible demonstration of answered prayer? Explain that one!

Being Privy to Greatness

Events like this happened all the time. I was privy to people experiencing physical, mental and emotional healings. Relationships were formed or reconciled. Long lost relatives were found. Businesses got started or put back on track.

Hence — I know the power of prayer. Yet because many of us value our independence, and reject structured faiths, we may have thrown the prayer baby out with the organized religion bathwater.

Would it help to call prayer focused thought? Getting into the stream of well-being? Quiet time?  Whatever the term, it is the energetics involved in the process that matters, not the words. As for me, I will boldly use the word prayer!

Not About Begging

What I know about prayer is it is not about trying to make God pay attention to poor little me or you. It is not about begging. Nor is it about psychoanalyzing someone else’s needs and hiding what I think you should do with a preface of “dear God please (fill in the blank) to (your name or mine.)”

It’s about getting into the flow of the absolutely powerful and loving stream of well-being that exists. We aren’t in the stream now because for whatever reason, and there may be many reasons, we have trained ourself out of being in that stream.

We worry. We get anxious. I know that fear uses facts and the heart uses softness. We have been well-trained to believe in the facts. But let me speak for myself. My mind goes a mile a minute thinking up everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong and before I know it, my time is up and I feel worse than better.

That was the beauty of the prayer ministry. The prayer worker held the vision of the stream of well-being for the one requesting the prayer. If the caller truly let go of their concern (hence the big breath), that stream of well-being would flow into the vacancy left by worry or anxiety. Goodness, abundance, harmony, healing – all that makes up the stream of well-being reemerged for the caller.

Dear Ones

The co-founder of my denomination, (Unity) Myrtle Fillmore, commented once to a person who was complaining that her prayer was not being answered. Myrtle was known for calling people “dear one.” “Dear one,” she said, “Our prayers are not answered because as soon as we have prayed, we go back to thinking the same thoughts, worrying about the same things.” (Pause for thought, let the idea sink in now.) “You must let go, dear one, and trust that our loving Creator is helping you every step of the way.”

So she established Silent Unity, to help us get into the flow.  The same as Silent Unity helped this elderly couple.

I trust that the power of the Universe is on your side, and helping you. You help this power by asking. Then you get ready to receive. Just don’t look back…

To be continued…

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