Wedding Officiants

Unity minister, Eileen Stulak

Wedding officiants

Rev. Kelly has 27+ years as a wedding celebrant

Traverse City minister

Rev. Crystal has over 27 years experience leading wedding ceremonies.

Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants (NMiWO) was created by Reverend Crystal Yarlott. She was ordained by the Unity School of Christianity in 1989. Reverend Kelly Lambert, joined NMWO in 2012.  Rev. Eileen Stulak joined Northern Michigan Officiants in 2015.

The Revs. Crystal, Kelly and Eileen understand that we  are being invited to share with you one of the most important events of your life. We are honored and pleased when you ask us to be your wedding minister.

About Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants

We are spiritually-oriented wedding officiants in our beautiful northern Michigan. To explain: two of us are seminary-ordained ministers through Unity School of Practical Christianity. This means we acknowledge the mystical, transcendent bond the two of you share. And that our spiritual principles must have practical use in our every day life or our principle are not sound. This was our training. However, we do not promote this, or any one particular theology. We conduct light religious, non-denominational and civil ceremonies.

Who We Serve

Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants attend to people of all sexual preferences. All our ministers are LGBT friendly. Midlife Moderns (over 40), and those who want to renew their vows are some of our many valued couples. Vow renewals are also available when you and your relatively newly united spouse decide you want to acknowledge the bond that has grown between you over the first five years.

Animal Lovers



Rev. Crystal is ready to incorporate your love for your pet into your ceremony. Either by name or presence, your beloved companion can be incorporated into your ceremony. A donation is made to an animal shelter or rescue organization in honor of your wedding.

Please Explore

Please explore the website. Call us at 231.938.1683. Or email us for more information by filling out the Contact Us link. We look forward to answering your questions. We hope one of us will become the wedding officiant for your wedding. It’s wonderful that you found your life partner. Let’s celebrate!