LGBTQ or same sex marriage is supported by Rev. Crystal. Why? It is the right of all LGBT or same sex couples to love as their heart guides them. Love has to express. Love knows no gender, no color, no size, nor age, and certainly no lifestyle. LGBT marriage has as much chance to succeed as any heterosexual marriage. A keystone to a successful relationship regardless of sexual orientation, is acceptance, and not trying to change one’s partner.

Those who insist that God only sanctifies heterosexual marriage needs to look again at the divorce rate and ask why. A couple does not have a monopoly on healthy relationships simply because of  their mixed gender or religious lifestyle. Every successful relationship depends on the commitment the people in it have. Their sexual orientation was set at birth. Whether a couple is LGBT, or heterosexual, their deep desire to love and grow and enjoy life with another person paves the way for success. God is LOVE. Through Love, God is present and “blesses” the relationship.

Therefore, Rev. Crystal is honored to officiate for LGBT couples in Northern Michigan. Now that same sex marriage is legal, all I can say is it’s about time. And I apologize on behalf of the human race for taking so long to get to acceptance.

Moving Forward to Honor Same Sex Marriages

So we move forward together, creating a ceremony that honors who you and your partner are. Your preferences in style and content are honored.

Congratulations to all gay, transgender and lesbian couples who have found a life partner to love and be loved by forever. is wedding website that’s affiliated with Rev Crystal is registered with You can also find her on

Same Sex lesbian couple exchange rings at their wedding ceremony

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