As life unfolds, a couple will experience times of celebration because of the birth or adoption of a child.

Child Naming Ceremony


Adeline’s Christening with Mom Jennifer and Dad Trevor

Child Christenings

Grayson with his Mom, Dad and me.

The symbolism behind a Christening or the Naming Ceremony with rose petals is this: Roses represent the  innate beauty of the soul, and calling forth its expression. Water is a symbol of purification of sin. I do do not believe in sin, nor that a child is born in or of sin. Therefore I typically do not use water in my Naming Ceremony.



There will also be times of loss. Change is inevitable. How we celebrate or grieve these changes can contribute to our sense of well-being and balance.

This was my Dad, a week before he passed on.

This was my Dad, a week before he passed on.

Loved ones may pass away. You can experience a full gamut of emotions from sorrow to relief, anger to acceptance. To help with the process of grieving, a ceremony of passage can help put into perspective your thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions.

Memorial Services 

Whether your family is grieving the death of a person or a beloved animal, SIGeorgeAndDougyour grief is real. Memorial services provides emotional and social support as you honor the one who has passed beyond your physical sight. Rev. Crystal has worked with Covell Funeral Home, Reynolds-Jonkoff both in Traverse City and Martinez Funeral Services in Suttons Bay.

Counseling and Coaching Services

Grief counseling is available to help you cope with a loss. Relationship coaching is available if you need spiritually-based insights and understanding.

Reverend Crystal has helped many people in times of joy as well as in times of sorrow and loss. She would be happy to help you and your family in these times of transition and adjustment.

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