-Launching Your New Life After Your Wedding Day

After Your Wedding Day

After Your Wedding Day… Now that all your months of planning your wedding day has resulted in a grand affair, you can finally call yourselves legally hitched, blessed and celebrated. It sure went by fast, didn’t it? Let’s Launch! How do you settle into the rhythm of being committed to each other for life, let […]

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– Should You Change Your Last Name or Not?

Katie signing her new last name

Your last name is either something you have to live with or you don’t mind it at all. This end word of your identity might be poetic, common or self-generated. I have always had the same last name. When I had a crush on Tim in 6th grade I wrote my first name over and […]

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-The Art of the Happy Fall Wedding

Happy Fall Wedding At Mullett

Northern Michigan is a splash of spectacular reds, neon oranges, greens and sunny carmel colors in the Fall. I love seeing kids and dogs jumping in piles of leaves and hearing the krinkle of dried leaves as I walk across them in the woods. Have you ever seen the changing colors reflected in the beautiful […]

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-Why I Became a Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant for Roger and Debbie

Sometimes people ask me how and why I got into being a wedding officiant. So here’s the story, short and sweet. Firstly, because I was a minister in a church, weddings were part of the job. But only part. In the Pulpit I’ve led five different churches in 23 years (three in Georgia, two in […]

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-Decisions, Decisions

a couple practices meditation to enhance being spiritually-oriented

Decisions, decisions. Weddings are full of decisions that you must make. Color themes. Who will read the readings? What budget item can I override? Do I really want to marry this person or should I change my mind??? Where can I send Uncle Joe to stay overnight with? The Difference Whether you make your decision […]

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The 5 Things that can Quickly Ruin Your Ceremony

Want memories you'll treasure instead of forget? Check out this report to prevent disappoinment now.