What Brings Me To I DO Wedding Officiant Training?

I DO Wedding Officiant Officiant

What Brings Me to “I DO–Wedding Officiant Training”? When I began leading wedding ceremonies 28 years ago, I had the benefit of training during ministerial school. Still I made mistakes as all humans do! I can’t imagine what it’s like to start out and be given a few basic elements of a ceremony without any […]

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First Look Pros and Cons

Pete's First Look of Allison

  A First Look  The First Look is a scheduled time for a couple to see each other all put together and ready prior to the ceremony taking place. First Looks are a break from tradition, and you have to weigh the pros and the cons. Before deciding if you want to take this unconventional break, consider […]

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Give Thanks for Your Bills

Give Thanks

Give Thanks? This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I get it. Who likes to pay bills? And if you’re one of the fortunate people who had someone else pick up the cost of your wedding, then working through the ridiculous may not be for you. But if bills are pilling up from your wedding, and you’re […]

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-Launching Your New Life After Your Wedding Day

After Your Wedding Day

After Your Wedding Day… Now that all your months of planning your wedding day has resulted in a grand affair, you can finally call yourselves legally hitched, blessed and celebrated. It sure went by fast, didn’t it? Let’s Launch! How do you settle into the rhythm of being committed to each other for life, let […]

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– Should You Change Your Last Name or Not?

Katie signing her new last name

Your last name is either something you have to live with or you don’t mind it at all. This end word of your identity might be poetic, common or self-generated. I have always had the same last name. When I had a crush on Tim in 6th grade I wrote my first name over and […]

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