Decisions, Decisions

a couple practices meditation to enhance being spiritually-oriented

Decisions, decisions. Weddings are full of decisions that you must make. Color themes. Who will read the readings? What budget item can I override? Do I really want to marry this person or should I change my mind??? Where can I send Uncle Joe to stay overnight with? The Difference Whether you make your decision […]

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Assumption of Ordination

Assumption of Ordination by a friend whose wedding I did a few years ago

What Assumption of Ordination am I Referring To??? Sometimes I wonder if I think conducting a wedding is more important than it is. Haven’t we all been so close to something and we make assumptions of its importance when it doesn’t mean much at all? Ordination certainly fits into that category these days given rock stars […]

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Down the Road

Down the Road with Reece my dog

There is a wonderful little park not far down the road from my house in Williamsburg. It’s called Deepwater Point. This pine forest makes for a level hiking area which my knees and older dogs appreciate. There’s big roots that jut out along the paths, and lots of big tall pines. After traipsing through the […]

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Are You Spiritual or Religious?

light prayer when not spiritual or religious

Do You Know the Difference Between Being Spiritual or Religious? Does it matter? 100 years ago in this country people who loved each other couldn’t or wouldn’t get married because they loved someone who wasn’t the same religion as they were. But today, but at least in our society, couples have much more freedom to choose whether […]

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Make the Choice, Don’t Worry About It

Groom make the choice to sign his marriage license

If you ever get the chance to make the choice to live around the 45th Parallel, you will REALLY learn to appreciate summer. Being outside, smelling the air, hearing the waves on the beach nearby. Humming to nature. There’s nothing anywhere else in the country that equals the beauty here in the Traverse City area. Summer Do’s In summer, […]

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The 5 Things that can Quickly Ruin Your Ceremony

Save your wedding from these 5 unnecessary stresses and difficulties that can quickly ruin your wedding ceremony.