Be With The One You Love

The Joy of Mike and Kate

Be With the One You Love As time goes by faster, and Fall is in our inbox, I am becoming more and more enamored by meditation. Recently I heard a meditation teacher talk about taking this journey inward just because it feels good. Not to “get” peaceful, or receive any answers but just because it feels […]

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Love’s Priorities

Priorities. Who knew there would be all those little things to manage in putting together your wedding? Hopefully, taking care of so many details is slowing down for you. Your wedding plans have more than likely come together. If not, you are probably very close to having things settled. Putting your wedding together has been a priority. You can […]

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Give a Great Wedding Toast

wedding toast

Have you ever given a wedding toast? Does the thought of standing in front of a lot of people make your palms sweat weeks before the event? Do you forget everything you ever knew about the bride or groom you are toasting? Believe me, you are not alone. You are probably an introvert and we […]

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New Identity

My new identity as a secretary in 1987

Your New Identity as a Married Person When you get married, even if you have been living together for a long time, you are letting go of your old identity as a single person. The good news is you will always maintain your identity as an individual.  And the good news is you will take […]

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Does God Need Our Help?

prayer and marriage

It’s noble that we think God needs our help. Those of us who believe we are doing God’s work, have to be super careful it’s not an ego trip we are on. Being taken up with our own importance. A weak sense of self being bolstered because we think others will approve of us for […]

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A New Path

Dog helps find a New Path

  There is a wonderful little park not far from my home…    New Paths to There is a wonderful little park not far from my house in Williamsburg. It’s called Deepwater Point. This pine forest makes for a level hiking area which my knees and older dogs appreciate. There’s big roots that jut out […]

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In the Flow with Prayer

prayer and marriage

Part 3 –What Does Prayer Have to do with Marriage? Click here to read Part 1, Spiritually Oriented for Life and Part 2, $24,500 Worth How is prayer related to weddings? Or related to getting married? Is there something about prayer that can help you now that you are married? And help in a way that […]

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Invest in Love

Invest in believing you can do and be and have what is best for you and your love

When cell phones first came out, I didn’t want to invest in one. Those polycarbonate flippers were a long leash, never giving me a break from being contacted. The “oh, that’s what I forgot” and then undertaking it in the line at the grocery store would never give me a break from being a human […]

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Best Reason to Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant

  This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of Wedding which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.   Donald Trump and the Republican party are not getting along. In the most recent debate, they were discussing the size of body parts. The ones […]

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Spiritually-Oriented for Life

a couple practices meditation to enhance being spiritually-oriented

If you have met or talked with me, you know one of the first things I tell you about myself as a wedding officiant is I consider myself spiritually-oriented. I have nothing against religion because I know how religion is practiced is totally dependent on the heart and mindset of the individual. Most of you […]

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The 5 Things that can Quickly Ruin Your Ceremony

Save your wedding from these 5 unnecessary stresses and difficulties that can quickly ruin your wedding ceremony.