Don't Get Blown Away By Small Stuff

The small stuff

All the Small Stuff

Have you ever noticed that the “small” stuff, when pulled together makes something big?

Or have you ever been inspired by a piece of art? When you stepped closer to the canvas you were amazed at all the little details the artist used to make the painting complete?

Impressive, Very Impressive

Some of the tips I’m giving you may seem small. But when you add them up, they can keep you on track and minimize those awkward moments we all want to avoid when we start something new.

The 98%

Because honestly, at least 99% of the wedding professionals I talk with have told me that first-time, primarily internet-ordained Officiants can really screw up a wedding. Photographers, wedding and venue coordinators, DJ’s. They all unhappily agree. Newbies aren’t aware of some little thing (except there’s a tendency to be a tad inappropriate in an attempt to be funny) that ends up creating an awkward moment. They embarrass not only their couple, but her or himself.

Why? Because they aren’t aware of or paying attention to the details that make their content meaningful and the flow of their ceremony seamless.

Learning from Experience

As much as I’d like to claim perfection, I can’t. But I have learned many of my lessons the hard way. A case in point: When I first started doing weddings around Traverse City, the couple I was officiating for had asked for the Rose ceremony. It’s a simple ceremony where the couple presents each other with a rose as a symbol of their first gift to each other as husband and wife. There’s a few words they repeat after me and it can be very sweet.

Throughout the entire ceremony the wind whipped my wedding script around. (So obnoxious.) I’d have to stop, settle the pages down, and find my place again. The bride and groom even tried to help me by holding my script down themselves.

I was getting blown away several times over. I was unbelievably flustered.

Are You A Freak?

When I handed the roses to Chuck and Adrienne to give to each other, the wind grabbed my script like it was a kite, flew a page into the microphone I was also trying to manage. A horrible sound crackled across the sound system. The two long-stemmed red roses fell out of my hands, and onto the ground. My couple looked at me like I was a freak.

I tried to use humor to cover my embarrassment, and play it cool and apologized. I did my best to recover. But the result was the Officiant was more of a distraction than a blessing.

Answers Come in Small Packages

I obviously didn’t enjoy this experience of being blown away. Just like any red blooded person who hates to be embarrassed, the challenge got resolved in the simple, why-did-it-take-me-so-long-to-figure-this-out form of a paper clip.

The Tools of the Trade wedding binder now has two large paper clips ready to hold my script down. When I begin the ceremony, I slip the first sheet of my script into the paper clip that’s also attached to the inside pocket of my notebook. I slip the larger part of the clip over the edge of my script. I can easily slip the new page I’m turning into the paper clip and the clip hold the page down.

Then my hands are free to manage other things like rings, vows, roses, microphones and happy hugs from my couples.

In case it’s super windy, I can grab the clamp clips I keep in my car’s glove compartment.

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Just by using these little tips, you’re prepared and ready for mother nature to let ‘er rip.. If she huffs and puffs, you can still focus on delivering your beautiful/fun/meaningful/themed ceremony to your couple and their guests.

To Do

Pick out a few paper clips and attach them to the top and bottom corners of your wedding notebook. Keep the clamp clips in your car or purse so you can quickly retrieve them if you need to.

Prepare for compliments.

And I’ll see you walking down the aisle.


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