Meaning of Wedding Rings, Vows

Meaning within Your Wedding Rings and Vows Here’s the scene: It’s your turn. As your officiant I have your wedding rings in my hand. I have asked both of you to turn towards one another. “Take each other’s hands, look into one another’s eyes, and please repeat after me.” You see his eyes, or feel the softness of her hands. Then you utter these little phrases, 5 or 6 words at a times, sometimes sputtered, “I promise to…” And there it is. Good times and bad. Richer or poorer. Together or apart. Sickness and in health. Short. Sweet. Succinct. Forever. Whether conscious… Read More »

Should You Change Your Last Name?

I have always had the same last name. When I had a crush on Tim in 6th grade I wrote my first name over and over with his last name. He didn’t know I existed. In the 1960’s when I was in the midst of defining who I might possibly be when I “grew up”, the hippie era was born. Back then I had long straight blond hair like my idol, Joni Mitchell. I wore bell-bottom jeans (now called wide boot cut, how boring) embroidered with flowers, I painted matching daisies on the little mole on the left side of… Read More »

Privacy – Questions of Relationship 2

Privacy is an important word these days. When websites suggest items they think we would like to purchase, it’s because what we’ve bought in the past is no longer private. Have you ever donated to an organization because you support their cause? But soon afterwards, ten letters from similar organizations asking for a donation of their own show up? Again, the types of causes you give your money to is no longer just between you and Goodwill or Helping Hands or Horses for Happiness. My mailbox never sees a day go by when I don’t get a solicitation from an… Read More »

Questions of Relationship #1

Questions of Relationship Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you afraid to bring those questions up for fear of damaging your relationship? Most of us agree that falling in love is a glorious experience. Staying in love and nurturing love over the years is a spiritual art form. True love can grow into something more powerful and wonderful than a new couple can imagine. Isn’t it better to find out now what works and what doesn’t work, than end up in divorce? Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants may be able to help. Love is an Art Form Love as an… Read More »

New Wedding Vows

Defining Wedding Vows Since everyone who comes to me will be exchanging wedding vows, let’s define”vow”. I looked in Webster’s online dictionary and this is what came up: a solemn promise. A set of such promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action, typically to marriage or a monastic career. Such a definition isn’t unexpected. Some couples exchange wedding vows that are like love letters or rampages of appreciation. I have no problem with this and it is also important to include the promises that are being made to one another. I came across a wedding… Read More »

Love that Lasts Forever

A Love that Lasts Forever Love that lasts forever is what every couple hopes for, intends and commits to when they say I do. I say, “You are so brave, and courageous.” I have never stood before someone like myself, an officiant and exchanged marriage vows with another human being. No statement has been declared by me, in the company of my friends and family that I desire to live a long life loving this person who is looking lovingly into my eyes. I have experienced a deep and complicated love for my parents as well as family members, animals… Read More »

Planning Your Wedding Early

  Have you ever taken a personality test? If so you may have used one of the most popular ones, the Myers Briggs personality inventory tool. There are 16 distinctive personality types. At one time this questionnaire seemed to pop up all over the place. The free test is designed to help us understand the people we are in relationship with as well as one’s self. My parents took the Myers Briggs test at a couples’ workshop some 20 years ago (has it been THAT long ago?). Through the results, they had a lot of aha’s and “oh that’s why… Read More »

Wedding Guest List Tips

  Your wedding guest list… You have some decisions to make about who will witness your commitment to each other and who won’t. It seems choosing your favorite friends and family, including them on your wedding guest list should be easy enough, right? But until you’ve started to put that list together yourself, it is hard to understand all that goes into deciding who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Here are some tips on how to make the decisions that must be made in putting your wedding guest list together.  First Things First The foundation of all other tips… Read More »

Choosing A Professional, Experienced Officiant or Friend to Lead Your Wedding

  My advice to all couples considering asking their friend to conduct their ceremony is to invite your friends to the wedding, but NOT to be your officiant.   There are a growing number of couples who, for several reasons I’ll discuss below, ask their friend or a relative to officiate for them on their wedding day. Getting “ordained” in order to comply with the laws of the land only costs a small amount. The internet offers an easy path to ordination so your marriage is legal. Seems simple enough. And hey, Liz Lemon got ordained on the internet so… Read More »

The Marriage Proposal: Will You Marry Me?

Once upon a time, a guy, a pretty nice guy, proposed to me. He was younger than me, and was known for his taking LSD when he was just 12. This fact gave him a wild and crazy aura in an era when wild and crazy was the preferred modus operandi. I remember his great sense of humor which for me has always been one of the most seductive tools a man could employ to get my attention and respect. He didn’t get down on bended knee, but asked the question as we sat around a big round table where… Read More »

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