Your Relationship Partnership

Relationship partnership

Video by Dhar Mann, Entrepreneur, Storyteller

Developing a relationship partnership is Commandment #10. Expand your understanding of what a relationship and your partnership in marriage is. This video by Dhar Mann on Facebook says it all.

This marks the end of the 10-part series on relationships I’ve been doing weekly. To see the other nine commandments, go to the Blog Link above, or click here.

Please leave a comment below what your favorite relationship commandment is. 

Love is why we’re here. To learn and grow and enjoy. This happens when we’re in a relationship partnership between equals, not one better than the other.

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What matters most to you in your relationship?

We all come to our relationships with many ideas and experiences of love. That’s why your ceremony should and CAN be unique. How did you find each other? Was it JUST being in the right place at the right time? Or is there more to the journey that brought you together?
My job as your officiant is to discover what values you have, how what matters most to you both brought you together. Then I put this story into words and deliver it in the Most Extraordinary Wedding Ceremony.
You and your guests will enjoy hearing how your relationship partnership makes the world a better place!

Creating a great ceremony for you

I’d love to find out what your vision for your wedding ceremony is. If you’re looking for a
  • Meaningful ceremony
  • Fun and romantic ceremony
  • Ceremony that’s delivered in a heartfelt, magical way

Contact Information

Contact me, Rev. Crystal to find out if we’re a good fit. Here’s an easy peazy form you can fill out to let me know how to best contact you. Your info will never be sold or traded to anyone. I assure you, here at Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants we are NOT sleezy emailers! Contact me here

If I’m unable to officiate for your wedding, I have an awesome referral to another professional officiant I partner with, Rev. Kelly

Looking for a small wedding option?

Your relationship partnership may be better highlighted by a small, simple but still very special ceremony.  A m full out wedding ceremony isn’t for you. If so, check out my new micro wedding and vow renewal offerings at Little Weddings Everywhere. Or on Facebook @LittleWeddingsEverywhere