Create A Unique Relationship Contest

Relationship contestSo everyone loves to win a contest. This week’s Commandment #5 is Thou shalt create a unique relationship contest.

The #5 Commandment as a contest is simple: See who can surprise the other with unexpected gifts the most.

You and yours get to compete day after day after day for the fun of it!

Showing up for this contest can make your marriage 100’s of times more alive and supportive.

When I was in school, a mentor who was easily 25 years older than his wife told me about the relationship contest he and his wife hold every day. The effects were increased affection, laughter, surprise and delight. He chuckled when he explained some of the submissions he’d made and had received. He and his wife continued to be on the same page until the day he died.

Which he did with smile on his face.

Nothing that’s given has to cost anything. What you’re after is the element of surprise and delight.

This commandment to compete in a relationship contest may be hard to keep especially when those difficult moments grab our focus. But even then, making another submission in the contest can really pay off.

Suggestions of ways to wage the contest

  • Slip supportive notes in your partners purse or wallet giving some kind of compliment.
  • Put favorite rocks in special places you know the other will find them with a written love word on it.
  • Surprise the other with a trip to the zoo.
  • Arrange for a concert to hear a fav performer.
  • Make a quick phone call to say I love you.
  • Give a kiss before you put the car in drive.
  • Pick up your partner’s fav food for lunch. If you can’t deliver it yourself, have it delivered to them.
  • Go on a tree climbing expedition and film each other half way up the tree.
  • Make a collage of fav photos of each other.

These are small things that can have a big effect on the other.

Here are suggestions for contest rules 

1. The winner is whomever gives the most unexpected gifts during one week’s time. 
2. The prize: 5 points which accumulates and at the end of the year go towards a 600 point total granting one wish he or she has. 
3. Point earning in the weekly and new relationship contest begins again on the first day of the new week. 
4. You get to decide who judges a gift appropriate or not.

You’ll find this contest is very affirming. Creating a relationship contest is a commandment because keeping your relationship interesting, supportive and fun makes makes for a vibrant and alive marriage that can stand the test of time.

So go forth, for thou shall be fruitful and multiply your joyful surprises!

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