Give Thanks?

This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I get it. Who likes to pay bills? And if you’re one of the fortunate people who had someone else pick up the cost of your wedding, then working through the ridiculous may not be for you. But if bills are pilling up from your wedding, and you’re feeling a bit oppressed by the weight of it all, this prescription may be perfect for you, ridiculous or not: Give Thanks for your bills.

Yep. That’s right. When I’m feeling the weight of a payment on my shoulders, or feeling resentful that I have to curb my more spontaneous buying habits, I make the choice to give thanks for the bill.

Let’s say I have to make a big car insurance payment and I’m not at all happy about it. Or hey, how about paying taxes? What do I do? Here goes — “Thank you for MY taxes.” (Please don’t ask me to be thankful for YOUR taxes).

In my case, I’m thanking my divine Self. Who or what is being thanked is not as important as the energy within myself of being thankful. God doesn’t need to be thanked. I’m the one who needs to be appreciative because gratefulness is a high powered, good feeling. Energy is everything because we live in an energetically based universe and it brings us into the present moment. As the Chopra Center teaches, “If you want more happiness, joy, and energy, gratitude is clearly a crucial quality to cultivate. It is a fullness of heart that moves us from limitation and fear to expansion and love.” Ah yes, pay your bills with love in our heart!

To Truly Give Thanks

To give thanks changes the energy from insecure/resentful/negative to positive/productive. Even if at first I’m not  authentically thankful for my bills, I repeat the statement several times until I begin to take it on. Then I take out my memories from the shelf I’ve put them on. I consciously recall the benefits I received in exchange for the payment I’ve got to make. I appreciate what that object or service brought into my life. Negative feelings like resentment and disappointment swallow up good memories and hopeful feelings. Take the example of taxes. I’m thankful that my taxes pay for voting booths and services so I can cast my ballot as an American citizen. Taxes fund educational programs, environmental protections, etc., etc. Even in the midst of these benefits being taken away by the current administration, I choose to be truly thankful for them NOW.

Transformative Effects

There’s been many times that I’ve experienced he transformative effects of being thankful. I remember a time when I didn’t have the money to pay my rent. I was really frightened about what might happen to me. Yet I knew being scared wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Instead, I chose to be thankful for the situation I was in, that somehow, things would somehow change. Even though I didn’t know where money would come from, I said “Thank You” anyway. Much to my surprise, the very next day I got a call out of the blue from a Unity minister who had a congregant moving to Atlanta and she needed a place to live, and could pay some rent. Needless to say, she moved in soon afterwards. That started the turn around for me.

Give it a try. What do you have to loose? Resentment? Grief? If bills from the florist, venue, hotel or whatever is oppressive, give thanks for the experience. Remember the good times you had, the meaning of your vows, seeing the beauty of the flowers as the day became evening, the appreciation in your guests’ eyes. All your good intentions. Change the energy you feel within yourself from negative to positive. And then see what happens. I’ll bet something awesome will come of it. When it does, please let me know. I may just have a bill you can help me be thankful for!

Great love and thanks for you,

Rev Crystal

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