unity sand ceremony

I’ve been part of at least 100 Sand Ceremonies in my time as a wedding minister. I love candlelighting ceremonies as well. Over time I’ve notice what kinds of wedding ceremony supplies function the best. Here are a few wedding ceremony supplies I’ve found that you may like.

Sand Ceremony Kit

The meaning behind the Sand Ceremony is the grains of sand represent all the influences of you and those you include in the ceremony which you are bringing to your marriage. A different color of sand, or sands from places that mean something to you, are combined in the central vase, representing the blending of all those influences into one.

What I love about this set in particular is it can be turned into an oil lamp. It’s more versatile than an easily found Sand Ceremony kit from a supplier like Michael’s Arts and Crafts. A small oil lamp container fits on top so you are able to use it for its candle effect as the years go by. A beautiful reminder of the specialness of your wedding day and when lit, can shed some light on your love!

Wedding Lighthouse will etch your names on the central vase at no extra cost. The Sand Illumination Ceremony Set. This set has a wide mouth so pouring the sand in is easy for you, just IN CASE you are nervous. To receive a 20% discount, type in NMIWed at checkout. To order, click on the photo or link to go to WeddingLighthouse.com

Candlelight Ceremony Kit

Candlelight Ceremony kit

I found some nice Candlelight Ceremony sets at ExclusivelyWeddings.com I have never done business with them but they have a wide selection. In time I hope to be able to offer a discount to those of you who are visiting our site and find some wedding ceremony supplies connections that can meet your needs.

Many stores like Michaels, or local candle making stores may also offer Candllight Ceremony sets.