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You May Seal Your Vows with a Kiss!

Have you said yes to officiating for your friend or family’s wedding? Have you already officiated for a wedding and want to improve your ceremony, without spending a lot of time getting it all together?

Even experienced public speakers benefit from tips and resources that improve their ability to run a wedding ceremony and gain greater confidence.

With I DO, Wedding Officiant Training, you’ll

– Take your skills from awkward to awesome.

– Be prepared and gain confidence.

– Deliver a ceremony that your loved ones are thrilled with, and you’re proud of.

Ready to get it together to be the best Officiant you can be?  Grab your guidelines, 5 Fun Ways to Turn an Ordinary Ceremony into Extraordinary by filling out the form below.



Ritual of Unity — Sand Ceremony

Ritual of Unity

Traditional Ritual of Unity A traditional ritual of unity is the Candle Lighting Ceremony used in many weddings. The lighting of two candles represents the individual light of each person. The couple lights one large pillar with their individual candles to represent their coming together in one light. However, when a ceremony is held outdoors, […]

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What Brings Me To I DO Wedding Officiant Training?

I DO Wedding Officiant OfficiantWhat Brings Me to “I DO–Wedding Officiant Training”? When I began leading wedding [...]

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First Look Pros and Cons

Pete's First Look of Allison  A First Look  The First Look is a scheduled time for a couple to see each other all put togethe[...]

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In the Midst

In the midst of sadness is birthThis stained glass nativity scene was created by my mother some 20 years ago. She is truly talented,[...]

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Give Thanks for Your Bills

Give ThanksGive Thanks? This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I get it. Who likes to pay bills? And if you&[...]

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