I DO — Wedding Officiant Training

Helping You Expand Your Officiant Know-How so You’re Confident, Clear and Direct

Have you said yes to officiating for your friend or family’s wedding? Have you already officiated for a wedding and want to improve your ceremony, without spending a lot of time getting it all together?

Even experienced public speakers benefit from tips and resources that improve their ability to run a wedding ceremony and gain greater confidence.

With I DO, Wedding Officiant Training, you’ll

– Take your skills from awkward to awesome.

– Be prepared and gain confidence.

– Deliver a ceremony that your loved ones are thrilled with, and you’re proud of.

Ready to get it together to be the best Officiant you can be?  Grab your guidelines, 5 Fun Ways to Turn an Ordinary Ceremony into Extraordinary by filling out the form below.

GUIDES FOR THE NEW OFFICIANT:  Blessing of the Wedding Rings

The Sand Ceremony

Building Your Reputation as a Helpful Resource

Over Time You’ll Refine Your Wedding Ceremony

On Time




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