“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”   Sam Keen, Author of Fire In the Belly.

Joining two people in Love today, Touching lives forever

Traverse City area weddingsAnniversaries

(see pictures below)

3        Jeremy and Shannan Ayers Butler, Petoskey (pictured)

7        Lori and Mark Giddis, 2009 (pictured)

8        Gary (recipient of the Purple Heart) and Jillian Brewer (pictured)

16    Tom and Teresa Lefler, 2011 (pictured)

19    Heather and Aaron Barsy, 2011

Keeping Love Alive

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And For Now…

Traverse City area weddings have always been about meeting wonderful new people and helping usher them into the formal acknowledgement of the love they share. So I am looking forward to the 2012 wedding season unfolding, knowing I will again meet great new people whom I will have the opportunity of sharing intimate moments of their exchanging their wedding vows.  I will continue to fine tune the way I show up and deliver the message of commitment and love.

One of the wonderful couples I had a chance to marry in 2011 was Mike and Courtney Abela. They made their commitment to each other at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club. A delightful woman called me one day and told me in so many words, “I have been looking for you for months. I saw a video of you doing a wedding on YouTube and if you would say the things you said there at my wedding, I’d be so happy.”  First of all, I felt like I had a fan, and second of all, what an honor to be searched for, and delightfully found. So. I want to share with you the video on YouTube. If you care to pass it on to anyone you may know who is looking for a minister to marry them, this is a great way to help me do what I love to do. The video shows how I assist two people to join together in love, allow themselves to be enfolded in the affection of their friends and family, and consecrate their union in the presence of the spirit of wholeness which is always within.

Thank you for being part of the family of lovers I’ve been blessed to know.


Holding you in my heart always,

Rev. Crystal