October wedding anniversaries

Wedding Fact: In many cultures around the world the hands of a bride and groom are literally tied together to demonstrate the couple’s commitment to each other and their new bond as a married couple. This the origin of the phrase tying the knot”. I have performed a number of hand-fasting ceremonies, and they are quite unique. If you are interested in having one in your wedding ceremony, please let me know.I will send you a special attachment with the complete script.

See my  October blog post about the role of photography at your wedding — Capturing the Moment

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Happy Anniversary to: (all couples are featured in the portfolio at the bottom of the page unless otherwise noted

1      Jonathon and Stacy Wheatley, 2011

4     Tami and Matt Dupie  2008

4     Eric and Jody Cowing   2008     (not pictured)

4     Gary France and Julie Azzopardi, 2013

5     Liz Dankert and Chris Boris, 2013

6     Patrick and Sarah Lickiss  2007

6     Mike Finkbiner and Pamela Carpenter, 2012

8     Nathan and Stephanie Hector, marriage reaffirmation  2011

10     Laura and Paul Gayan, 2009

10     Mark and Lisa Fenn, 2009

10     Deborah Hallett and Charles Strand, 2013

11     Beth Anne and Tim Eschenburg, 2003 (not pictured)

11     John and Maureen Davis, 2001  (not pictured)

11     John and Tracy Hoffman, 2012

12     Bridget and Brian Jacobsen, 2013

12     Lisa Siebert and Jeff Halleck, 2013

13     Sean and Cathy Maloney, 2012

14     Deborah and Robert LaVerdiere    2008 (not pictured)

15     Nancy and Dave Strange, 2005 (not pictured)

16     Lisa and Jim Nelson, 1996 (not pictured)

19     Jennifer Braman and Richard Elliott, 2013

19     Jill Boyle and John Gidden, 2013

20     Ilene and Michael Fanzini, 2012

22     Zach and Michelle Bottenhorn, 2005 (not pictured)

26     Maggie and Jeff Meadows, 1991 (not pictured)

27     Kelly Kildow and Ryan Pillars, 2012