This stained glass nativity scene was created by my mother some 20 years ago. She was truly talented, making many gorgeous art pieces throughout her life. I live in the midst of her art in my home. She surrounds me not only in her art, but because we are bonded, mind, body and soul. It’s a deep bond as I’m sure you know from your own life.

In the Midst

A year ago this month, I was sitting next to my mother as she was making her exit from this world. She was 93 when she finally let go on December 14. She had a very good life. She told me she wasn’t afraid of dying and for that I was very grateful. Mom never talked about her feelings about death. So the calm with which she told me how she felt was comforting even when I was in the midst of the on again, off again sadness I felt about being in our last days together. It was the extreme time of change none of us ever wants to arrive. Yet endings are part of life, and thankfully, life goes on.

Loss of Loved Ones

As I got to know you this past year, some of you told me how you’d experienced the heart-breaking loss of your mother, father, siblings and closest friends. As hard as it is, death and loss are part of life. We are always in the midst of love, the discovery of our experience of love and affection, the loss of the people we make the object of our love. Life and death is the ebb and flow of life.


New Beginnings

Yet Christmas is symbolic of the powerful new birth of our inner power and love we have yet to discover that transforms the world around us. The Christmas story is one of new beginnings even in the midst of political demands (Joseph and Mary traveling to Judea to be counted for the census, hence tax). Whether you’re rich, or poor, with family or not, we’re asked to give birth to and protect our grandest ideas, dreams and love no matter what else is going on around us.

The Unknown Future

Do you remember hearing in your wedding ceremony, “We acknowledge the richness and the value of the unknown future unfolding before you.” Because you never know what will happen, when or how, I wish you the strength and willingness to say I love you to one another as much as you can, to let a lot of the little stuff go. Pick your battles wisely, and stand for your needs and desires without making your partner responsible for your happiness or sadness.

But most certainly choose to contribute to each other living up to your potential.

You Never Know

Rickie Lee Jones sang back in the 1970’s “You never know when you’re making a memory.” May you make many wonderful memories this Christmas holiday, because one day, you’ll look back and be grateful for every kind word, every hug, every opportunity you took to give of yourself and see the best in each other.

Much love and gratitude for the honor of being your wedding officiant, and I hope, in the midst of your life unfolding, I’ll be someone you continue to trust in the future.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year ya’all!!

Rev. Crystal