Married Couple Commandment #1. You must keep dating. 

Married couple Jason and LauraBy the time your wedding rolls around, you will have a pile of memories to build on. A good Officiant will draw from those memories you’ve shared and set them out as a gift to your guests for them to draw on. 

Over time, this pool of memories gets used and worn. 

You must keep replacing these memories by making new ones. 

Make More Memories

Dating gave you the way to make memories. Remember the date you went on that led to the first kiss? The first time you made love? The time you left each other and knew you never wanted to be apart again?

You need new experiences as a married couple to make memories to draw from.If you don’t, you will wonder where that person you married went to. “But you used to…” is the sad refrain of people who aren’t growing together. 

So date.

Here’s What You Can Do

Pick a new place to explore or visit a place you both love in a different season. See who can name 10 cool details about it and then expand on them. 
Get on Pinterest or get a book like Simple Abundance or a fav author and choose some words of wisdom and discuss them. 
Go geocaching. 
Volunteer together. 
Dance barefoot to a drumbeat for 5 minutes and see how your playful selves come out to frolic (don’t you love that word frolic?? So how about writing a stream of consciousness story using the word frolic 20 times.)
Go to the library and pick out a book you think your mate will love. (Not what you think he or she should read). 

But fill the well of your love and appreciation for each other regularly. 

The Married Couple You Don’t Want to Become

If you don’t you may become the overweight couple sitting across from each other at a restaurant with a bored or sour look on their faces, not talking with each other. Looking at them makes YOU feel sad. 
And yes, I know. There’s no telling what else is going on in their life but you get what I’m saying, right?

Keep Your Love Alive and Well

Date. Keep your love alive. You’ve waited too long to find each other not to commit to doing what it takes to grow in love. 
And that is Married Couples Commandment #1. 
Rev Crystal

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