I love leading wedding rehearsals. One reason is I always encourage the couple to practice their first kiss as a married couple.

Having them practice kissing can help them relax – even conservative couples. After all, every one of us at the rehearsal knows they’ve done it a million times already. So let’s do it officially for the I DO!

Personal History and Maybe some TMI

As a total aside, when I was a teenager, I used to call myself a kissing addict because that’s what I wanted to do with my boyfriends all the time. Nothing else, honestly, just kiss. In fact, long after I graduated High School and was out in the world, I was shocked to find out a lot of my best friends were doing MORE than just kissing their boyfriends.


Commandment #8 — Practice KISSing — a lot

Today, I want to take this word, KISSSS and show you how it’s perfect for Commandment #8.

I’m going to share with you something I put on my personal Facebook page. This is a simple picture of a tulip that’s growing in my back yard. It’s a close up of the center of the flower and in it’s simplicity it’s absolutely beautiful.

Give me a thumbs up if you agree when you see it.

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Complicating the Issues

As a person who has gotten swamped by all the considerations I have taken into account over the years, all the heavy thinking I’ve done, which often really means I worried a lot, going over and over possible scenarios, both bad and good, I’ve made my own life very complicated.

What if, now what. He said she said, I said you said. Which is all cover for I’m guessing about everything.

Because here’s the foundational elements of KISS.

  • What you know is what you hear.
  • Take a person at their word.
  • Don’t read into it.
  • If your partner or boss or someone says, I don’t have time right now, don’t read into it, You don’t like me because you’re not stopping what you’re doing to help me.

Those kinds of thoughts are really guesses about what the other person really  means.

The flower is beautiful just as it is. So simply enjoy it. When you look at that flower do you start investigating what the soil conditions are like and what if it doesn’t rain for 5 weeks or or or?

Benefits of Having a Committed Partner

One of the wonderful things about having a committed partner is have someone to practice kissing with! You can help each other keep it simple for sanity’s sake. Because you know when your partner is over thinking something, or jumping into the worry bin and rummaging around for trouble.

Help them NOT do that. Help them keep it simple (for sanity’s sake).

The Questions to Ask to Practice KISSing Again

Again, ask questions like

  1. How do you know that’s true?
  2. Are you sure that’s true?
  3. Are you looking into the future that you can only make up OR are you falling back into the past which isn’t here any  more.

Remind each other, don’t you right here, right now have everything you need?

The Hallmark of NOT Keeping things Simple

When I lived in Atlanta many years ago and I couldn’t pay the rent, boy did I ever fill in the blanks of the unknown future with all kinds of scenarios. It wore me out.

One of the marks of over thinking – exhaustion

The rent got paid, and things eventually worked themselves out. Worry:  Unnecessary.

The Remedy for Exhaustion

Another best friend sent me a bumper sticker which was on my car for a long time. It said simply, DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK.

TODAY, I’d add to that, Practice Kissing instead. So the bumper sticker would read, Don’t believe everything you think. Kiss instead. A long kiss

Keep it simple for your sanity’s sake.

Try to stay into today and not get too far ahead of yourself.

And rely on each other to help point out and rein you back in when you overthink, over plan, over speculate, and guess about things you have no REAL way to actually know.

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Kissing Giant, Rev Crystal

Rev Crystal 2018

Best to you,

Rev. Crystal