Small Wedding Locations

Becoming a Small Wedding Location Resource for out-of-town couples

“We want to get married up in Traverse City but we don’t know where. Do you have any suggestions?” I get this question about potential small wedding locations 2 or 3 times a year, sometimes more.

In the last couple of years, I took the free and low cost wedding location list in my mind AND put it on my website. While the list changes, (ones I like and ones I think are too much trouble), I have 5 or 6 sites where couples can hold their small wedding or elopement ceremony. Having this kind of a list of wedding locations for couples who may live out of town is a great service to provide for them.

Know Who Requires a Fee or Registration

Know which ones charge a fee and which ones don’t. Also, does the park require an application get filled out in order to use the site for a wedding?

One caution:  if the couple has a low budget, let that be their responsibility to manage their budget, not you. You have a set fee (I hope) and you are comfortable charging what you’re worth.

It’s up to you if you want to, but I wouldn’t get into taking anyone on a tour unless the couple has agreed to pay an extra fee for showing you around.

Make a Short Video

I’ve begun to make a short video of these sites. This video is one of my favorite local parks on the beach. The entire area of about 5 acres was just improved by the township I live in. It has restrooms, picnic tables, a lookout platform, walk ways, a swing set for kids (both big and small kids kids) plus wooded areas AND lots of beach.

I’ve already done several weddings here and it’s quite lovely. As a new Officiant, if you have this kind of info available for potential couples, you’ll build a reputation for being very helpful. It’s even better if you have a video you can send them.

What Are the Busy Times?

Another helpful tip is to note the times where there are more visitors. For example, in this wintery video, a couple watching it might not connect with the fact that when it’s warm and sunny this beach could have 30-50+ people in the area.

Even so, there may be more privacy before 11:00 in the morning, or more romance after 7:30 in the evening. Find out how much the folks you’re helping value privacy over location.

As you can tell, your video doesn’t need to be perfectly scripted or recorded. So get out there and become a great resource for engaged couples!

Thanks for watching and / or reading. I’ll see you walking down the aisle!

Rev. Crystal, Wedding Trainer and Officiant