Stop Time for Sandra & Wayne

Cutting the cake is one of many memories we want to remember from your wedding day

 Ask your friend whose wedding day has come and gone, “What do you remember from your special day?”

According to Reverend Clint Huff of the Wedding Ceremony Podcast a majority of brides will answer, “I don’t know. It was all kind of a blur.”

It’s true, many people will want both of you and your new spouse’s attention. Congratulations will continue all evening long. Glasses get clanged in order to encourage you to stop eating, drinking or talking. And kiss. Your guests will share stories of their own wedding day. Then there’s the shared memories of being in school or at work or that swim in Lake Michigan together.

Your face will be sore from smiling for so long. 

While it sounds kinda fun now, in the end it may all be fuzzy in the retelling of your wedding day. Maybe most especially for a bride. She’s the one who’s been dreaming of this day for a long, long time. 

 So how can you stop time for each other on your wedding day so your memories of one of the most meaningful AND expensive days of your life is vivid and clear?

Helping Each Other Stop Time

During the reception …

What Rev. Hufft suggests is beautiful, here are his words almost verbatim. 

The laws of time and physics don’t work the same on your wedding day. You’ll be in the moment and while you’re in it, you’ll feel so rich and full that you feel like it will last forever. Then you blink your eyes and you’re waving good-bye to everyone.

 But soon, when the nervousness and excitement of all that attention wear off, your memories may all run together in one big haze. 

However — this doesn’t have to be the case. There’s one person who can really help the bride with the blur the whole event might become: the groom.

What can he do? During the reception four or five times the groom needs to pull his bride aside and go somewhere alone for a couple of minutes. If anyone tries to interrupt just ask politely to give you a few moments. Most people will totally understand.

Talk to each other about what you’re experiencing, what fragrances you’ve smelled, what you’ve seen, heard and touched on your wedding day. Then go back to the party.

Give Her Time to Note the Memory Making

Here’s how the Mr. has stopped time and given his bride opportunities to note specific memories of her wedding day. And the beauty is, she can do the same for her groom.

This won’t take much time to stop time for each other. Implement this plan and know you can help carve out memories from your wedding day that last a lifetime. You can keep special moments from disappearing in the haze. Even though there’s so many people to greet, so much love to absorb, you will remember the day, the hours that led to your welcoming the future that was waiting, peering its promise around the door at you.

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