Thank You 2013 Wedding Couples!

Bowers Harbor wedding

Thank you 2013 Wedding Couples!

You brightened my life by introducing me to your awesome families. You encouraged my love of beauty by introducing me to gorgeous places I’d never been to before like Snow Moon Ranch, the cottage near Good Hart, and the Flower Farm.

I met so many wonderful people this year. Some of you found me through friends, or were my friends (Debra and Charles, Mandi the horse whisperer). Others of you navigated to my website and we became friends (Kate and Dave, Pam and Justin, Denise and Robert, oh heck, too many to name) because you found your way into my heart.

Where Is My Crystal Ball?

I wish I had a crystal ball so I could warn each couple of the challenges that lie ahead of them. I would like to give them a chance to prepare for or avoid the tougher times. But each of my 2013 wedding couples, whether they know it or not, were brought together to become stronger, wiser and happier people together. I truly believe Love draws people together to bring strengths out of their partners.

Some of my 2013 wedding couples have already been through tough times together. They inspired me to continue doing what I have been doing the past four years because they have made it through tough times. 

I would be reckless with my gratitude if I didn’t mention how much love I was able to witness being affirmed by my wedding couples. No matter what size the wedding was, being around people who love each other can’t help but open my own heart.

Through All the Days of Your Life

It’s the openness you gave me that I am so grateful for. I wish you a love that thrives through your devotion and eases the trials of life. May the happiness you know together grow greater through all the days of your life.