Women in Charge: Karen Snyder, Frog Pond Village


Pennsylvania native and hopeless romantic, Karen Snyder is the coordinator and co-owner of Frog Pond Village. Her gorgeous nature-centered venue is one of the top sites for weddings and events in the Traverse City area. A visit to their website at Frog Pond Village will show you just how beautiful it is.

Karen and her husband Bill created the site in the woods thirteen years ago. Along with their special talents for design and beauty, they are well-prepared to show people a great time whatever kind of special event is being held, but in particular, weddings. Both of them go above and beyond to make a couple and their family and friends comfortable and enjoy themselves.

When I asked Karen how many hours she puts into coordinating a wedding of about 100 people, she said, “Between meeting the bride for the first time, showing her the venue and working with the couple throughout the year, our emails and phone calls, etc., I spend about 48 hours preparing a wedding. The most fun part is having everything come together when the event arrives and know that all of our hard work has paid off to be “perfect!” What’s also fun for Karen and Bill is watching the city people arrive into the northern woods of Frog Pond Village for a wedding.  They are in awe and can hardly believe that there is actually a place like this on earth.”

What might adversely affect the wedding reception celebration? Not having assigned seating at the reception. Although it doesn’t happen much anymore, when guests arrive and don’t see their names at a table, it can make for an uncomfortable situation. People want to know where to sit because otherwise, they have to determine who to sit with and often don’t know anyone. When a bride and groom have put thought into who sits together, the people at the table tend to have things in common and the guests feel much more comfortable.

“What fun is planning a party if you stress out?”

While Karen had a hard time thinking of just one favorite story to tell of a wedding she coordinated, there is a common thread that weaves through many of the more fun weddings. “The couples who have friends and family who care so much that you can feel the love in the air,” she says, “goes through everything. They put so much thought into their wedding. The favors are done by ‘Aunt Thelma’ and everyone pulls together for this family event. Afterwards they call because they are so grateful.” Being appreciated after doing so much work is always heartwarming, and well, appreciated! Most grooms are not so involved as the bride does most of the planning but one groom was intimately involved with the wedding and was so appreciative he asked that his thanks be included on their website. Even though the wedding was a few years ago, it remains on their site because what he had to say was so wonderful…go to their website and click on “What a Groom has to Say” — very interesting.

Another word of advice:  Don’t stress out. “What fun is planning a party if you stress out?” With Karen coordinating your event, your anxiety can be kept to a minimum, which frees any couple to focus on their love, family and friends.

My own experience of Karen and her husband Bill at Frog Pond Village is they are professionals who give generously of their caring attention. Should you choose Frog Pond for your wedding venue, you are going to be in the hands of two extremely competent, attentive people.

Thank you Karen, and Bill, for creating such a lovely place as Frog Pond Village and having the skills and talents to coordinate such wonderful weddings and special events. Karen can be reached by calling 231.357.9128. Visit Frog Pond’s website at Frog Pond Village.

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