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Relationship Commandment #9 —  Let Your Name Signify Your Goals

Word games on the road

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How many of you traveled with your family as a kid? If you did your parents probably came quipped with name games or word games to keep you and your siblings and fur babies (hahaha) occupied between launch pad and destination.

My folks and I loved name games. I vaguely remember a game about the last letter in a word meant you had to find a word that started with that letter. Matrix was a bingo, yahoo I win word most of the time. (I still don’t know if there’s a word that starts with X, is there????)

Another word game was to name a sentence out of all the letters in a license plate. So a KNY 732 would become Knowing Nothing Yet. Or Kiss Nicely Yesterday. It didn’t have to make logical sense, but the game was primarily just for fun.

Let’s make a game of names.

Who needs Game of Thrones when you’ve got a perfectly good name of your own???

I kid….

Here you two are, with two perfectly good last names. Maybe you’re going to keep your same last names, maybe your partner is going to take your name. 

So why not make not just a game of the letters in your name, but also make those letters stand for a shared goal in your relationship?

I think last names are the most interesting, so that’s my recommendation. Use your last names since they can have much more of a challenge. Keep that brain active I say!!

Let’s take my last name for example. YARLOTT. Y=You’re A=Appreciative R=Riches (in) L=Love O=Openness, T=Truth T=Trust.

That’ a pretty stellar set of goals to keep in mind, don’t you agree?

If I married Kevin Costner…

Now if I married Kevin Costner (a woman can dream, can’t she?) his name could stand for the goals of C=Caring, O=Openeness, R=Riches, T=Trust, N=Necessary, E=Extraordinary, R=Remarkable.

I could take the repeatable letters, and then add in a few of the others to make a great goal or statement to keep in mind for our marriage (still wishing…) You’re Open to Remarkable Riches and Trust Extraordinary Love. Of course, add some poetic license and change “You’re” to “I” or “We”.

I’m F=Flexible. If only Kevin’s middle name were Frank or mine were Felicia, (they’re not) we’d have it made.

Your name is a fun game

But this is for fun and Commandment #9 can be fun. This commandment is related to Commandment #1, which, to remind you is about continuing to date each other after your I DO’s. This Commandment #9 using simple every day ways to lighten the journey. Together, they’re wonderful tools to keep fun front and foremost in your relationship.

Freaking Utter Niceness = FUN

So give this name game a try. Let your names remind you of some goals for how you relate to each other and to your life together. Create reminders for yourselves of what matters to you about YOURSELVES as individuals becoming one because of your names.

Make it FUN

Remember you never lose your individuality, but you do make the most of who you are together. As ONE. Openly Nurturing Each (other) 🙂 😆 


Rev. Crystal

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