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wedding ceremony trendsI’m so glad to see that wedding ceremony trends are taking on a more original nature AND meaning — that the setting, sentiments and elements are not just an ordeal to get through in order to get to the party.

I attribute that in large part to the flexibility officiants and wedding professionals encourage these days. And the way free thinking is encouraged these days. A trend we hope will last!

Stepping out of the stuffy nature of a wedding sermon is high on my list of preferences.

Being unstuffy and unboring is freeing. To not be restricted to old style ceremonies. In fact, I put together a PDF of my own for officiants: 5 Ways You Think You Have to Do to Lead a Wedding Ceremony that You Actually Don’t.

Instead of stuffy, weaving inspiration into the ceremony centered around the specific love story of a couple is what I love to do for my “Extraordinary” couples.

Outside the Box Experiences

Originality and thinking outside the box is encouraged. I know this takes more thought and more time. I can also understand when a couple has so many things on their to do list, looking around for new trends may not be a high priority.

Lauren Kay, executive editor at The Knot, describes those preparing to walk down the aisle today as “really thoughtful,” adding “they feel less pressure to have that kind of traditional wedding, the one we imagine when watching ‘Father of the Bride.’ They’re really looking to do it on their terms.”

On Your Terms

As an officiant, being aware of wedding ceremony trends anyway, it’s my job to make sure my couples are aware of the options available so you’re more comfortable doing your wedding on your terms.  


Of note:  I’m not at all against traditional ceremonies. When two people love each other and it just radiates out from within them, unique or traditional – both styles make the event magic.

Does that means I’ll jump out of a plane or wear a zombie outfit to your wedding?

Ah, no. No it does not. I’m open and flexible but no. That’s not for me. But for you if that’s your thing… go for it. Your children will be very curious about that dress you wore. Maybe you can even pass it on to him or her. Apples don’t fall that far from the tree, right? 

I digress. 

Trending towards sustainability. Yay!!

For the sake of revealing new options and wedding ceremony trends, I appreciate efforts toward sustainability that are happening more and more.

For instance, asking for online RSVPs by using a service like Eventbrite.com or Evite.com instead of sending paper cards with postage paid envelopes to RSVP. I like this wedding trend, and it’s easier unless of course the receiver accidentally deletes the response link! But some of these services actually send out reminders that a response is needed.

The biggest boon for me is how this wedding ceremony trend is saving trees. Plus they do they counting for you! I’m all for it even though it doesn’t directly affect the quality of the ceremony. 

The Groomsmen aren’t all men!

How many of you are having a groomswoman and or man of honor? Awesome! More and more couples are doing this kind of thing. Searches on Etsy.com for bridesman items saw a 171% increase in the past six months, according to Isom Johnson. Queries for bestwoman items jumped 72%.

And who doesn’t love a dog as the ring bearer? What I’m waiting for is the couple whose attendants carry puppies and kittens that need a forever home with them down the aisle. I’m also game for doing a ceremony at the local humane society or shelter!

Name changes

Blending last names together is one of my favorite teases when I meet with a couple. Jones and Clawson could become Joneson or Clawes! Or Shultz and Freeman could become Freetz or Shuman.

2020 Wedding Trends

HitchSwitch Name Change logo

Both people changing their name to the hyphenated version is awesome. The drawback I see is over time, I’d get tired of signing such a long last name.

I recently officiated for a couple who both took new names by hyphenating both last names together. One of my best friends and her husband took both last names hyphenated together. Couples who go this route certainly could use the HitchSwitch app, an app that helps you change your name with the necessary agencies.

The Same is True of Wedding Trends for Officiants

 These are just a few of the wedding ceremony trends that as an officiant, I’m more directly connected to. But there’s many more options available these days. Again, if you’re an officiant, let yourself off the hook a bit more than you might have. Check out this guide I put together, 5 Ways You Think You Have to Do to Lead a Wedding Ceremony that You Actually Don’t

What’s Your Idea?

I’d love to hear your ideas! PM me or post a comment here. As always thank you for the honor of your company! And may you love foolishly by living in the present your whole life through.


Wedding Trends

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