… to Keep Your Marriage Interesting

Download here:  21 Unique Dates

Over the years I have asked my couples what issues bother them the most. (I’d love to hear from you on this subject too). More than anything else they tell me not having enough time to spend together is a sore spot. Is this true for you too?

Because life happens despite our hopes and best plans. Getting a grip on success curls up around our toes and we trip over making connections with people we can help or can help us. Our best plans are pushed aside for seemingly urgent calls to action. Our relationship suffers, maybe not blatantly at first. Love is patient and love is kind. But it does need to be tended. Few living beings can survive if they are starved or thrown a peanut now and then.

This got me thinking because I know we go into marriage with high hopes and a lotta love.So, what if having some fun ideas as reasons to get together could help prime the pump to getting together? Download the guide I put together for you here:  Keep Your Marriage Interesting.

And please let me know how your dates go!