#6 What’s Your Refund Policy?

Question #6 — What’s your refund policy?

Refund policy

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Here’s the next question in our series, 10 Questions to Ask instead of How Much Do You Charge.


Heaven forbid you have to cancel or postpone your ceremony for any reason whatsoever. BUT it’s better to know what an officiant’s refund policy is in advance so you know if you can get your money back or not.


Expect the unexpected is a lesson we all learned, is it not?


The Impact of the Pandemic on Wedding Vendors

Many officiants lost weddings to the impact of the pandemic. Yes, we know couples did as well. I heard horror stories of couples losing $10,000 to an unwilling to refund vendor to couples understanding the risk a vendor took and paying their photographer, venue and officiant anyway. Some understood their vendors’ refund policy in advance.


refund policy

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But honestly, though I have my agreement bullet pointed and highlighted, many of my couples will sign the Agreement and then ask me questions about something that’s fully explained in the Agreement they’re now legally bound to. In the rush of putting a wedding team together, people just sign on the dotted line without knowing what they’re signing. 


Don’t let this happen to you. Find out what the refund policy of your officiant is before you sign!


Many officiants learned their lesson from losing so much income and / or making hard decisions about what to refund and what not to because they did NOT have a refund policy. They adopted a clause as a refund policy called the “Force Majeure.” This means if the unexpected happens, the client is responsible for fees contracted for. You may be willing to take risks the officiant is not willing to take so if s/he cancels, you’re still responsible to pay the fee.


What’s the risk worth?

Is the Force Majeure / refund policy unfair? Realize that your being on an officiant’s calendar cancels out opportunities for other weddings. An officiant (just like any vendor you choose) is saying no to others in order to say yes to you. What’s that risk worth?


Refund Policy of a Portion but Not All

Other officiants’ refund policy stipulates the return of a portion of your fee. Be sure you read the Agreement you sign, ask questions, and take seriously what they tell you is nonrefundable.


Number 6 in this series of 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Officiant Instead of “how much do you charge?” is What’s Your Refund Policy?


Refund po

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refund policy

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