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Add meaning to your wedding ritual with a Special Ceremony


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Have you considered adding a special ceremony to your wedding ritual? A special ceremony is a process or segment that further symbolizes or adds meaning to the wedding address and sharing of your vows. If you haven’t considered this yet, for the next five posts, you’ll find a series of special ceremonies to contemplate adding to your ceremony.


A special ceremony by other names

You may have heard the Wine Box ceremony also referred to as the Time Capsule, Emergency or Anniversary Box Ceremony. Each has a little different purpose but for this post, you’ll be introduced to the Wine Box Ceremony.


Wine lovers and those who want their anniversary to be an opportunity to contemplate their relationship, this is an easy-to-do special ceremony. You can repeat it yearly or every five years.


How the Process unfolds

The usual process is the couple writes a personal letter to each other, seals it in an envelope and places it in a special box that also includes a bottle of their favorite wine. If the box is handmade by a friend or family member, all the better. Etsy features wine box options as well.

Etsy Wine Box Suggestions

Some couples also have two special wine glasses inside that are only used for the day they reopen the box.


NOTE:  Make sure the box is big enough to handle the letters and the wine. 


The Wine Box can also be turned into an Emergency Box. If you have a big hurtle that you have difficulty getting through, open the box by mutual consent, read your wedding day letters, discuss the situation, and then drink the wine together. Rinse and repeat for another time.


To make this ceremony even more meaningful, pass this box on to your family so the ceremony becomes a generational tradition.


Special Ceremony Options

Here are more options to consider:

If you’ve written personal vows to each other, put them into the box in addition to or instead of a letter.


Letters of support and encouragement can be written by your wedding party, parents and / or siblings.

Collect these letters at the rehearsal. Bundle the bridesmaids’ letters together, and the maid/matron of honor places them in the box during the ceremony. Likewise, bundle the groomsmen’s letters and place in the box by the Best Man.


If parents write letters, include two parents who will place their letters in the box.

Include one of your favorite CD’s. Play music softly in the background during your process.


Does a special ceremony sound good to you?

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