Bay Mountain, Bay Mountain!

My couple at the Homestead Resort, Jenna and TomThe Homestead Resort’s Top of Bay Mountain is one of my favorite wedding locations. When my couple chooses Bay Mountain for the site, I know everyone will be doubly awed. Not only by the couple’s love for each other (and the ceremony I’ve prepped for them  😆 ) but by the awesome  view. 

When people who’ve never experienced how beautiful Michigan is arrive at this site, the expansive view always knocks their socks off. Lake Michigan looks stunning from Bay Mountain!

The Homestead has been undergoing some remodeling and upgrading technology changes which is always exciting! Seeing the results of creative genius that’s generated from peoples’ vision is awesome. 

To support them, I’m featuring the photos of some of my couples in the past who’s ceremony I’ve officiated there. My wonderful couples — the ones who’ve shared the views and comforts of the Homestead Resort with friends from all over the United States.

The gracious couples who’ve had to give up that stunning, absolutely glorious Bay Mountain view of Lake Michigan. Why? Because the weather was too precarious to subject their guests to the wind and rain. Mother Nature at her most uncooperative! 

Every site has it’s beauty

But Mountain Flowers Lodge at the foot of Bay Mountain is amazing, inside and out!

Cafe Manitou is on the beach and is a very special place for smaller weddings.

Camp Firefly has a unique set up and a great, cozy feel. 

Then there’s the beach for very small weddings but you’ll get to put your toes in the sand and feel the Lake Michigan breeze!

And to those who have the taste for quality, romance and affection. To all my couples from the Homestead Resort and the honor of officiating for them, this is my homage to all of you.

For more information about weddings at the Homestead Resort click the link to be taken to their website: The Homestead Resort

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