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Even the ones that challenge your sanity!

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It’s November. Which is National Gratitude Month in the United States. And a perfect time to share a few thoughts about the power of gratitude. Specifically, how a grateful heart can help you continue to effectively plan your wedding day, despite the holiday pressures and keep moving forward towards your amazing special day.

Let’s talk about why gratitude is such a life-changing emotion. An article from Psychology Today said: 

For starters, gratitude improves your physical health.

When you’re grateful that you’ve got so many awesome options to choose from, instead of getting confused or overwhelmed by them, (we know there can be quite a bit of overwhelm!) your body actually feels stronger by expressing gratitude. Overwhelm and indecision makes your body weaker.

The second benefit of gratitude is that it improves your psychological health.

So many situations look 100 times better when you can look through the lens of gratitude. And when you can appreciate the person who has an unlimited budget or has that dress you wish you had that kind of gratitude makes room in your heart for the best for everyone. Which – tada — makes you psychologically healthier.

Third, gratitude increases your mental strength.

Planning a wedding can really stress our mental energy. But gratitude that in spite of all the decisions ahead, you’re so grateful to have found the person you’ll spend your life with, you beef up your mental strength.

Fourth, grateful people sleep better.

OMG when you’re rested, you make such better decisions. Gratitude makes you feel like things ARE working out so you stress less. So slather some gratitude around and hit the hay for that much needed sleep!!

And finally, gratitude improves your self-esteem.

Comparing yourself and the choices you make can wear your self-esteem down. So when you’re grateful for the day, for the love you’ve found and that your decisions are as worthy and meaningful as anyone else’s, your self-esteem improves.

Developing Gratitude Skills to Help You Plan Your Special Day

So how does one develop gratitude skills? Because so many of us are busy, and tired, and frustrated. And being grateful doesn’t come as naturally as most of us would like.

  1. Keep a Journal

Write 5 things every morning you are thankful for. Really scan your surroundings, the successes you’ve had, and write about the things you find to be grateful for. And you CAN repeat what you’re grateful for more than once, but I’ll bet you won’t have to!

  1. Volunteer

Whether you volunteer to help improve the experience of two-legged or four-legged creatures, giving yourself in the service of others opens up the floodgates of being thanked, appreciated and truly making an impact in other’s life.

  1. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Life can change quickly, in the blink of an eye. Rarely do we know ahead of time when things change. So look for the good and be grateful for the people in your life. Spend time with them because someday the opportunity to hold their hand, laugh with them or discover something new together may no longer be possible..

  1. Tell people You Appreciate Them

One of the reasons I love being an officiant is because I almost universally get appreciated. Appreciation goes a long, long way.

Sometimes a person is in our life to show us how NOT to be and even then, we can be grateful for the part they play in helping us get clearer about our boundaries, and our ow needs. When we’ve done our best to be grateful for those in our life, the healing power of gratitude changes relationships, heals emotional scars and paves the way for a better day.

Bottom line, gratitude works wonders.

And November is a great month to embrace your gratitude skills. And to develop an attitude of more gratitude.

Just so you know…we’re grateful for you. And we’d like to show you our gratitude by gifting  you a topic from our premarital coaching program called Questions of the Spiritual Relationship. You can download the Directory of Topics here.

Fill out our Contact Us form for more information on how we can help you have the best ceremony that shines the light on your happily-ever-after!

Last but not least, may your entire month be one where you find more and more to be grateful for.


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