Be the Officiant They’re Searching For

Be The Officiant They’re Searching For

To deliver the wedding ceremony you’ll be proud of, you have to rise above the canned, predictable speech, avoid boring platitudes, and be the guide into your couple’s happily-ever-after.

Their commitment is too important to stumble your way through with generic scripts and bad timing. You have what it takes to do so much better.

We can help. Our online courses show you how to create an experience your couples will always remember you for. You’re supported as you come into your own as an officiant.

Create. Unite. Celebrate.

Create:  Leave anxiety behind as our tools and techniques move you to create a wedding ceremony that inspires their happily-ever-after.

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Unite:  Unite couples whose love makes the world a better place through an extensive collection of ceremony creation options, including

Celebrate:  Set the perfect tone for not only their celebration, but their together forever.

Whether you’re starting from the beginning or are an experienced Officiant, there’s something in the Ready, Willing and Able Complete Officiant program to help you grow.

Overcome the Ho-Hum Ceremony:  Learn to Customize

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Today’s couples are looking for someone who rises above average.

One of the the most impactful ways to do this is to create a personalized ceremony.

In the Make an Ordinary Ceremony Amazing course, you’ll learn how to incorporate your couple’s love story and  what matters to them into their ceremony.

The words you share on their behalf are memorable, meaningful and beyond-the-pale fun.

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Want to try it out first? Get the FREE 4-part video series, Customize Your Ceremony for easy tips on how to make any ceremony unique.

Foundational Course for Officiants

Knowing how to connect in a way that inspires a potential wedding couple’s confidence in your abilities is essential to becoming a successful officiant. How you communicate from your first contact to your last builds the foundation for great reviews and recommendations.

When you’re willing to go above and beyond the norm, couples sense they’re in the right hands.

When the all important dream wedding day comes, you’ll inspire through your understanding of your couple, unite them in heart, mind and soul. And lastly, celebrate your couple as they set off into their happily-ever-after.

New and upgraded to include a one-on-one consultation with Rev. Crystal, the helps you build,


Get ready to explore!

Your reputation is built by your ability to create a wedding ceremony and experience that unites and celebrate a couple’s love.

You can thrive. There’s no reason for you to blend into the crowded field of available officiants.

If you’re Willing to let go of old images and come into your unique abilities as a wedding Officiant…

If you want to be Able to effectively deliver the kind of ceremony your couple wants…

And you’re Ready to stop taking steps out of frustration (that yet again get you nowhere), expediency, and just plain ol’ being scared, the Ready, Willing and Able Complete Officiant course is designed for you.

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Learn how to show them their love matters and makes the world a better place.

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I look forward to hearing your stories about happily leading your couples as they say their I Do’s!

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