Be With the One You Love

As time goes by faster, and Fall is in our inbox, I am becoming more and more enamored by meditation. Recently I heard a meditation teacher talk about taking this journey inward just because it feels good. Not to “get” peaceful, or receive any answers but just because it feels better to become quiet and centered than wanting something to happen.

And as these ideas unfolded, by watching my breathing and just letting my breath go in and out, not attaching to them in any way, I actually was just…well…breathing. Distractions fell away and for I don’t know how long, I felt good simply by breathing.

The Wanting Mind

What these more frequent experiences are teaching me is that a vast majority of the time I am in “wanting” mind. I want more money, I want more time, I want the dogs to hurry up and pee, I want to go south for the winter, I want the laundry to be done…want, want, want.

It’s stressful.

Just being present in the moment, whether it’s lying on the floor doing my stretches, or teasing a customer at my part-time job, petting Dutch the dog, or listening to my mother say the same thing for the 5th time in as many minutes, is much more interesting.

To Ponder What?

Maybe coming to this place in my life where I want to enjoy the journey, and not be so destination-oriented (money, time, hurry, south, laundry, etc.), is a function of being in my 60’s. I ponder this surprising reality more lately. (Really, you didn’t know I was THAT old?) And since most of you reading this are in your mid to late 20’s, just gearing up to get somewhere and make a success of your lives, maybe getting out of the wanting mind is not so important. Maybe wanting and going for it all is what makes you feel good. This could very well be the truth.

But you are getting married. Lots to be done. Or you are settling into the first days or months after your wedding has happened, and wearing the mantel of being a married person is new. The “richness and the value of the unknown future is stretching out before you.”

Valuable If Only’s

I just wonder how much richer my days could have been by being present, appreciating the little things that happen. Of taking joy in the dogs smelling for their place (so glad you are a dog person) or relishing in the lessons I have learned on the way to valuing time and building a career I love doing weddings. To just stop a moment and instead of wanting to be someplace else, of wanting anything, and just being grateful for what is. What could life have been like with that awareness?

It’s peaceful.

I think the words used these days to describe this awareness is mindfulness.

What I “want” for all of us on this journey together in life is to relax. See what is going on right in front of us. Tomorrow will take care of itself, but we will never have yesterday again.

Try a little sprinkling of appreciation next time you find yourself in the wanting mind or being in a big hurry to be somewhere you are not. Try it. Know in the moment you are experiencing, you already have everything you need.

When you look into your loved ones eyes and say “I do” or “I am glad I did”, I am willing to bet you will feel a greater joy and peace because you wanted nothing other than to be, just be, with the one you love.

Here’s wishing you all the love you deserve, and are.

Much Love,

Rev. Crystal

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