Sometimes people ask me how and why I became a wedding officiant. So here’s the story, short and sweet.

Firstly, because I was a minister in a church, weddings were part of the job. But only part. So it started there. 

In the Pulpit

I’ve led five different churches in 23 years (three in Georgia, two in Michigan).

The cons of church life for me were: struggles with being a role model, dealing with the differences between religion and spirituality, navigating the waters stirred up by the many personalities that come through and leave the doors of a church, and trying to convince people donating to the church was a good idea and a responsibility.

Pros: I overcame my fear of talking in front of people, being a minister gave me a lot of freedom and a way to use my singing, speaking and writing talents and defining for myself who and what God is. Plus my churches all knew I would be bringing my dogs with me to work. 🙂

Family Issues

Three years after my father died, my mother, my best friend, began showing signs of dementia. Eventually she came to live with me while I still led Unity of Traverse City. When she needed more constant care, I decided to leave the ministry. A big upset at the church the previous year sealed the deal that I was ready to leave church business.

Caregiving full-time didn’t pay me a living wage. But I could still do weddings! Marrying couples is fun. I could do much ofMy couple at the Homestead Resort, Jenna and Tom the work from home, a big plus. Year by year I built resources, got more experience, created relationships with venues, formed relationships with my clients. I love creating personalized ceremonies and delivering them for my couples no matter how short or how elaborate they may be. 

The bottom line is it’s really great to be an Officiant. Plus I’m good at joining folks in marriage and it’s much more fun doing things I feel good at! Life is too short not to have fun, don’t you think? While I’m in it for the fun, I’m also in it for the honor of being able to hold the sacred space of two people making a commitment.

So that’s the story of why I came to be a Wedding Officiant

So that’s why and how I became a wedding officiant. I’m committed to giving every couple a great experience on their wedding day. If you’re looking for an officiant, Contact Me so we can chat about what you’re looking for. Should I be fortunate and am your officiant, you’ll be able to tell that I love being part of your wedding day.

Contact me today for more information about how you can have a ceremony that shows your love makes the world a better place AND is fun AND meaningful — all at the same time!


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Rev. Crystal