Exchanging wedding rings is one of the highlights if not THE highlight of a wedding ceremony. Here are ways to convey the meaning of the rings’ symbolism.


Community Blessing of the Wedding Rings

There’s a number of great ways to include guests in the blessing of the couple’s rings.

Option 1: As the ceremony begins, have the wedding rings in a pouch easily and tightly closed at the top. The Officiant will announce the rings are being passed around for each guest to silently bless. Have one of the Attendants begin passing the rings around. Have an Attendant from the other partner collect the rings when it’s time for the couple to exchange rings.

Option 2: When it’s time for the ring exchange, add this:

Officiant: As I hold these rings I invite all here to send a silent blessing to the two of you, to be imparted into your rings and to remind you of the community of people who have pledged you their support and encouragement in the days and years ahead of you.

Blessing 1

Let these wedding rings made of precious metals remind you every day of the strength and durability of your relationship.

Blessing 2

May these rings remind you that your love, like the sun, warms all that it touches, like the moon, brightens up the night, like the eye, is a gateway to your innermost soul. And your love, like the arms that embrace you, makes everything right with the world.

Blessing 3

May the vows and promises you have made today be as ever-present in your hearts as these wedding rings are on your fingers.

Blessing 4

May these wedding rings be a reminder to BRIDE and GROOM of the commitment they have made today and be as a testimony to all the world of their devotion in marriage.

Blessing 5

Wear these rings as the enclosing bond of reverence and trust. Fulfill the circle of love that now makes you one.

Blessing 6

A circle is the symbol of the Sun, and the Earth, and the Universe. Your wedding rings are a symbol of holiness, and of perfection, and of peace. They are also the symbol of that which has no beginning and no end. And in this moment, Bride and Groom choose them to also be a symbol of unity, but not of possession, of joining, but not of restricting; of togetherness, but not of entrapment. For true love cannot be possessed, nor can it be restricted.

Blessing 7

Your wedding rings are the chaste and changeless symbol of your evermore pure and unending affection.

Blessing 8

May your wedding rings be blessed as the symbol of your affection and unity. Your two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle.

Wherever you go, may you always return to one another in your togetherness.

Seek and find in each other the love for which all people yearn. May you grow in understanding and in compassion.

May the home, which you build together, be such a place of sanctuary that many will find there a friend.

May these rings, on your fingers, symbolize the touch of the spirit of love in your heart.