Your Sixth Sense

Your love for one another taps you into your sixth sense. What brings your Sixth Sense Front and Center? You have experienced it – there is power in love. Love is spiritual in nature. Fully loving another human being brings this powerful sixth sense front and center. Loving makes you feel good down into your bones. Colors look brighter, you notice pretty things with more delight, your favorite sports team’s wins seem more fantastic – you like your cat even more than before. Love opens your senses down to your neurons and cell receptors to new perceptions. Love essentially re-paves… Read More »

In the Flow with Prayer

Part 3 –What Does Prayer Have to do with Marriage? Click here to read Part 1, Spiritually Oriented for Life and Part 2, $24,500 Worth How is prayer related to weddings? Or related to getting married? Is there something about prayer that can help you now that you are married? And help in a way that is not religious but is spiritual AND reverent? As you approach your wedding day there are a million thoughts (at least) that come up. Thoughts like “what was it the DJ said about what time she would get there?” to “am I making a mistake… Read More »

Power of Prayer to Bridge the Gap

This is the second in a three part series about weddings, spirituality, religion, and the power of prayer.  Check out Part 1 Forty-five minutes later, their call came back with good news. The briefcase had been found a block from where the car broke down! $500 was missing, but the rest was there. What thief takes $500 when he or she can have $25,000? Why not take the whole thing? So how is that for an incredible demonstration of the power of prayer? Explain that one! How does the power of prayer bridge the gap in a wedding ceremony? But… Read More »

Invest in Love

When cell phones first came out, I didn’t want to invest in one. Those polycarbonate flippers were a long leash, never giving me a break from being contacted. The “oh, that’s what I forgot” and then undertaking it in the line at the grocery store would never give me a break from being a human doing.   Amazing Smart Phones Fast forward ten plus years. These days I can’t live without my smart phone. You too? Our calendars, emails, weather, camera, calculator, GPS – are all in our phones. Plus most of them fit in our pocket! Amazing! Not only… Read More »

Best Reason to Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant

  This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of Wedding which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.   Donald Trump and the Republican party are not getting along. In the most recent debate, they were discussing the size of body parts. The ones you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company. On national TV. And this isn’t a reality TV show crazy competition but the presidential election. And Trump is running for the Republican nomination. I bring this up because when a political party nominates a candidate,… Read More »

Spiritually-Oriented for Life

If you’ve met or talked with me,  one of the first things I tell you about myself as a wedding officiant is I’m spiritually-oriented. I’m not really “religious”. I have nothing against religion because I know how religion is practiced is totally dependent on the heart and mindset of the individual. But religion on the whole promotes dogma and that’s not really my thing. So let’s just sit with the term, spiritually-oriented and be happy with it.  Most of you consider yourself spiritual as well. Religion and church for whatever reason has turned you off. Perhaps that’s the way of… Read More »

Meaning of Wedding Rings, Vows

Meaning within Your Wedding Rings and Vows Here’s the scene: It’s your turn. As your officiant I have your wedding rings in my hand. I have asked both of you to turn towards one another. “Take each other’s hands, look into one another’s eyes, and please repeat after me.” You see his eyes, or feel the softness of her hands. Then you utter these little phrases, 5 or 6 words at a times, sometimes sputtered, “I promise to…” And there it is. Good times and bad. Richer or poorer. Together or apart. Sickness and in health. Short. Sweet. Succinct. Forever. Whether conscious… Read More »

Should You Change Your Last Name?

I have always had the same last name. When I had a crush on Tim in 6th grade I wrote my first name over and over with his last name. He didn’t know I existed. In the 1960’s when I was in the midst of defining who I might possibly be when I “grew up”, the hippie era was born. Back then I had long straight blond hair like my idol, Joni Mitchell. I wore bell-bottom jeans (now called wide boot cut, how boring) embroidered with flowers, I painted matching daisies on the little mole on the left side of… Read More »

Privacy – Questions of Relationship 2

Privacy is an important word these days. When websites suggest items they think we would like to purchase, it’s because what we’ve bought in the past is no longer private. Have you ever donated to an organization because you support their cause? But soon afterwards, ten letters from similar organizations asking for a donation of their own show up? Again, the types of causes you give your money to is no longer just between you and Goodwill or Helping Hands or Horses for Happiness. My mailbox never sees a day go by when I don’t get a solicitation from an… Read More »

Questions of Relationship #1

Questions of Relationship Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you afraid to bring those questions up for fear of damaging your relationship? Most of us agree that falling in love is a glorious experience. Staying in love and nurturing love over the years is a spiritual art form. True love can grow into something more powerful and wonderful than a new couple can imagine. Isn’t it better to find out now what works and what doesn’t work, than end up in divorce? Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants may be able to help. Love is an Art Form Love as an… Read More »

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