Officiants Honoring Their Pets

Changed Life by Your Pet Here’s an invitation to share the name of an animal who changed your life. I’ve had many. Like the white dog pictured here. That’s Mugsy. I saw him born, he traveled with me, and put up with me. He and I walked miles and miles and miles together. is long-tailed fluff ball made my Dad learn to love small dogs. How about you? What pets made a difference in your life? I’d love to know the name of the lucky dog or horse, snake or parrot who made you a calmer, gentler, more fun-loving person.… Read More »

Questions To Ask In Your Officiant Interviews

Questions You Should Be Asking When You Interview Officiants By far, the most common interview questions I get asked are: How much does it cost for a simple ceremony Can you get our marriage license for us Do I have to sign my new name or can I keep my maiden name Do you require premarital counseling All great questions! And all important when you’re interviewing an officiant to hire for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony. But you know that whole concept of “you don’t know what you don’t know”? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. And here’s the… Read More »

Norm Kickin’ Wedding Ceremonies

norm kickin' ceremony

The Norm Kickin’ Ceremony In 1947, my parents got married. My trendsetting grandmother wore a black dress. OMG! You’d have thought she’d robbed a bank (or so I’m told!) Back then, my Granma’s choice of “attire” RAISED A STINK. Black was unheard of, and even though my grandmother was known for being her own person, some things should not be done. Deva Lillian didn’t care what the norms were. Eventually the whispers died down. Life went on and ultimately I was born. And the world was happy once again. 🙂 Every Generation Every generation has their own turn at norm-kickin’.… Read More »

What You Wear and What Message You Send

I think you’re beautiful. This is true, first and foremost. What you wear, has to be fair for you. I don’t care what your age is, whether you’re skinny, tall, overweight, bulky, baggy, saggy or boney. You’re a part of this world, and you’re beautiful. Not about a Dress Code Depending on who you are, and your style, there is something telling about what you wear given the role you play. Underlying guidelines rather than saying you must wear something specific like a black suit and a pastoral collar. So let’s start here: how do you feel about the way… Read More »

Terry Lewis, 12 Habits of Highly Booked Wedding Suppliers

Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis Tell Me More Facebook Interview Terry Lewis, Author, Tells Me More about Getting Successfully Booked from Crystal Yarlott on Vimeo. So many times necessity is the mother of invention. When Terry began to fail at trying to be everything to everybody, he changed his tune (pun intended of course since Terry is a DJ). He created an effective system that’s made him a top wedding professional in the UK. New Program for all wedding professionals Terry is coming out with a new online program for wedding business professionals. Check the course out by clicking this link: Wedding Business… Read More »

The New Year Purge

How to Start Your 2021 Wedding Day with Less Anxiety You, like every engaged couple, want to have a wonderful, memorable wedding day. Don’t you? Don’t you love knowing your friends and family are going to be together for your most special day? Or that everything, down to the last detail, will go off as planned? But what happens when your hopes and dreams, i.e. wanting the wedding day of your dreams to be totally awesome, turns into unmet expectations, and huge disappointments because of safety protocols, lockdowns and vendor cancellations? I started 2020 with more couples booked than ever… Read More »

Bob Marley on Marriage — National Hugging Day

We deserve a hug, no doubt about it. So we’re here to share a replacement we hope will only last for part of 2021. But for now, the next best thing could be the wisdom of Bob Marley. Click the photo to enlarge, my friend, and let his words hug your heart and expand your mind!! Click >>>>> Bob Marley marriage for your pdf of Bob Marley’s words. Want to incorporate Bob Marley or Arctic Monkeys for that matter, into your upcoming wedding ceremony? Contact us for a chat about how we can highlight how who you are and the… Read More »

Perfectly Fitting Ceremonies

“Thank you for giving us such a wonderful wedding! We thought, at first, that we just wanted some quick, blah ceremony. We were, in fact, disappointed that we couldn’t just go to the courthouse! As our plans changed, we discovered you. Your words were powerful and so perfectly fitting! We both shed tears, and realized the true meaning of a legal and lifelong commitment.” Kellie and Barbara Perfectly Fitting Ceremonies The email above came a few days ago from a couple I recently officiated for. It’s very gratifying for me to know the ceremony I’ve tweaked over the past two… Read More »

Opting for non-legal marriage

Oh, by the way, this is a non-legal marriage One of the biggest surprises around a ceremony I officiated for happened a few years ago.  It involved people going through the motions of commitment, but in the end, it was a non-legal marriage. Here’s what happened: I arrived early to check in with the couple. When I ask for the marriage license, the groom informs me the marriage, for now,  would be “non-legal”. He first contacted me six weeks earlier. Yet he waited to tell me at the last minute, “Oh by the way, we’re not getting legally married today.… Read More »

A bank account without money

One of the skills you learn or build on when you get married is how to solve problems together. You are a team member now who’s taken on the challenge to negotiate with each other the kinds of things you enjoy as a couple. Then there’s all those things you did because you didn’t have to check in with or take action with anyone but yourself. As a team, you’ll need to build an emotional bank account with each other. Cooperation, support, encouragement – these make deposits in the bank. Criticism, shame, digging your heels in without merit make withdrawals.… Read More »

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