A Wedding’s Spiritual Direction

New Identity

Your New Identity as a Married Person When you get married, even if you have been living together for a long time, you are letting go of your old identity as a single person. The good news is you will always maintain your identity as an individual.  And the good news is you will take on a new identity. This is inevitable. And much more pleasant if you go with it and let it unfold. But to fight it is to invite misery. As a married couple, you have new advantages. But without releasing the old, in time, you may… Read More »

In the Flow with Prayer

Part 3 –What Does Prayer Have to do with Marriage? Click here to read Part 1, Spiritually Oriented for Life and Part 2, $24,500 Worth How is prayer related to weddings? Or related to getting married? Is there something about prayer that can help you now that you are married? And help in a way that is not religious but is spiritual AND reverent? As you approach your wedding day there are a million thoughts (at least) that come up. Thoughts like “what was it the DJ said about what time she would get there?” to “am I making a mistake… Read More »

Power of Prayer to Bridge the Gap

This is the second in a three part series about weddings, spirituality, religion, and the power of prayer.  Check out Part 1 Forty-five minutes later, their call came back with good news. The briefcase had been found a block from where the car broke down! $500 was missing, but the rest was there. What thief takes $500 when he or she can have $25,000? Why not take the whole thing? So how is that for an incredible demonstration of the power of prayer? Explain that one! How does the power of prayer bridge the gap in a wedding ceremony? But… Read More »

Spiritually-Oriented for Life

If you’ve met or talked with me,  one of the first things I tell you about myself as a wedding officiant is I’m spiritually-oriented. I’m not really “religious”. I have nothing against religion because I know how religion is practiced is totally dependent on the heart and mindset of the individual. But religion on the whole promotes dogma and that’s not really my thing. So let’s just sit with the term, spiritually-oriented and be happy with it.  Most of you consider yourself spiritual as well. Religion and church for whatever reason has turned you off. Perhaps that’s the way of… Read More »

Your Wedding Officiant’s Function

Who is a wedding officiant?  First off, I don’t bite. I know you can never really tell  As a seminary ordained minister, I view my function this way:  I’m the one who will stand with you as the spiritual values you have take form through your legal commitment. I;m more than a religious figure, in fact, if you are looking for a religious figure, you probably won’t want me officiating you. Because what I bring to the occasion of your wedding is my experience leading ceremonies, and the spiritual understanding and faith, more than any religious presence. I’m in love… Read More »

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