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What is an Easy Going Ceremony like?

Can you have an easy going ceremony rather than traditional?   Traditional wedding ceremonies aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean an easy going ceremony isn’t meaningful. For example, formal language like “thee” or “thou” and the patriarchal practice of giving the bride away to the groom is considered traditional. There may or may not be humor in the ceremony. An emphasis may be put on a masculine God-figure and the importance of religious practices. Our easy going ceremony style accentuates your friendship with each other, and how your love makes the world a better place. We believe your commitment… Read More »

Spirit-oriented ceremony

Spirit-oriented Wedding Ceremony What does it mean to have a Spirit-oriented wedding ceremony?   Is there a difference between Spirit-oriented and a religious wedding ceremony?   Examining the difference Spirit-oriented wedding ceremonies embrace the personal relationship a couple has with nature, or a mystical power. Jesus, Father, and Lord are replaced by the words Spirit, Creator, Infinite Intelligence, Father/Mother God, or Universe.   When someone tells me they are Spirit-oriented, I know they mean their relationship between their being and Spirit is personal, and there’s no pre-determined behavior that is expected. They can be casual or more formal. The ceremony… Read More »

Stringing the Pearls Ceremony

Stringing the Pearls — an interactive ceremony Stringing the Pearls is an interactive ceremony that invites your couple’s attendants to affirm the partners best qualities. Being shown how much they’re supported by others is a great addition to any wedding ceremony.        Easy to do This ceremony is so easy to do — just a bit of preplanning is necessary to make it happen. Send this link so attendants can see how it’s done. Give Stringing the Pearls a try and let me know how it goes for you and your couple!     We can help you… Read More »

Officiant Introduction

Here’s a new kind of introduction I’d like to use in 2022. Since it’s your wedding, I’d love to have your opinion! I’ve amended this introduction from the original author (see below) who is wonderfully humorous. Primarily this introduction lets people know your ceremony is NOT going to be canned, but unique. When we have our planning meeting share with me if this is a go for you or not. Yes is a valid answer. No is a valid answer. Sound reasonable? Officiant introduction  Greetings everyone! Congratulations on making the guest list! My name is Rev. Crystal Yarlott and I love… Read More »

#5 — Wedding Package Descriptions

Here’s help to find the right officiant for you by getting a wedding ceremony package description. We offer you #5 in our series on 10 questions to ask potential officiants instead of only asking, “HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?” #5 What’s Included In Your Wedding Ceremony Package(S)? Not all officiants have a written description of their wedding ceremony packages. Professional officiants do, even if those package descriptions aren’t fancy. Some officiants lead you in saying your vows, and sign your paper work. If this is what you’re looking for, you probably don’t need a package description because you’re looking for a… Read More »

Create Your Own Wedding Ceremony Playbook

Write the Wedding Ceremony Playbook that’s about you As a creative and a wedding officiant I let my couples know they don’t have to write a wedding ceremony for themselves. That’s my job. I enjoy the challenge of putting words together to form a picture and a feeling. Plus I love to find things out about my couple and incorporate them into what I call my Framework Ceremony. It’s the bones of the ceremony I always use. There are officiants who create a new ceremony every single time. But over the more than 30 years I’ve been involved in leading… Read More »

Questions To Ask In Your Officiant Interviews

Questions You Should Be Asking When You Interview Officiants By far, the most common interview questions I get asked are: How much does it cost for a simple ceremony Can you get our marriage license for us Do I have to sign my new name or can I keep my maiden name Do you require premarital counseling All great questions! And all important when you’re interviewing an officiant to hire for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony. But you know that whole concept of “you don’t know what you don’t know”? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. And here’s the… Read More »

Norm Kickin’ Wedding Ceremonies

norm kickin' ceremony

The Norm Kickin’ Ceremony In 1947, my parents got married. My trendsetting grandmother wore a black dress. OMG! You’d have thought she’d robbed a bank (or so I’m told!) Back then, my Granma’s choice of “attire” RAISED A STINK. Black was unheard of, and even though my grandmother was known for being her own person, some things should not be done. Deva Lillian didn’t care what the norms were. Eventually the whispers died down. Life went on and ultimately I was born. And the world was happy once again. 🙂 Every Generation Every generation has their own turn at norm-kickin’.… Read More »

Creativity and the Small Ceremony

Bells and whistles of creativity Creativity is being able to take simple elements and let our imagination add bells and whistles in tasteful ways to reveal the wow factor. This is a quality I believed I had in large measure. You could see my creativity in the paint on the walls in the house, the finishes on my cabinets, the names of my dogs. If you read my bio, you’d think it was either creative or crazy how I traveled from one side of the country to the other. Over the years, my couples and I applied inventiveness to their… Read More »

5000 Big and Small Weddings

Rev Judy ready to do small weddings

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the over 5,000 big and small weddings either  my husband, Ken, or I officiated during the nine years we lived on Maui. (October, 1991 to March, 2000) Yes, we have stories about the gorgeous, unusual sites to the most interesting things that happened. Friends suggest we should write a book. Maybe some day. The Best Part But the best part of these weddings was the couples we got to know and the intimacy established between them and us. We knew their stories, often the high and some of the low moments.  These special… Read More »

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