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Creativity and the Small Ceremony

Bells and whistles of creativity Creativity is being able to take simple elements and let our imagination add bells and whistles in tasteful ways to reveal the wow factor. This is a quality I believed I had in large measure. You could see my creativity in the paint on the walls in the house, the finishes on my cabinets, the names of my dogs. If you read my bio, you’d it was either creative or crazy how I traveled from one side of the country to the other. Over the years, my couples and I applied inventiveness to their wedding.… Read More »

5000 Big and Small Weddings

Rev Judy ready to do small weddings

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the over 5,000 big and small weddings either  my husband, Ken, or I officiated during the nine years we lived on Maui. (October, 1991 to March, 2000) Yes, we have stories about the gorgeous, unusual sites to the most interesting things that happened. Friends suggest we should write a book. Maybe some day. The Best Part But the best part of these weddings was the couples we got to know and the intimacy established between them and us. We knew their stories, often the high and some of the low moments.  These special… Read More »

Eloping was Good Enough for Kelly & Mark

Eloping was good enough for Mark and Kelly in Las Vegas

Eloping was good enough for Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Why couldn’t it be good enough for you? Las Vegas Chapel In 1995 Kelly and Mark met when they were co-starring together in the sitcom, All My Children. When Mark proposed the following April, Kelly said “yes”, but she wanted to get married the next day, and they did—in a Las Vegas chapel.  Today they’re still married with three grown children. So, why couldn’t you and your fiancé elope if you wanted to? No reason, whatsoever! Experience Counts Crystal Yarlott has officiated over 500 weddings in the Traverse City area.… Read More »

Vow Renewal Songs

From Our friends at I DO, Take Two In general, music doesn’t play as big a part in a vow renewal wedding ceremony as at a big ceremony. But who needs to do things the way they’ve always been done? At Little Weddings Everywhere we’re into doing things uniquely, traditionally or minimally. We just love being around people who love each other! Here’s a list of songs that are perfect for the two of you when you tie the knot the second time around. You Decorated My Life – Kenny Rogers | YouTube | iTunes Remember When – Alan Jackson | YouTube | iTunes Through the… Read More »

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