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Terry Lewis, 12 Habits of Highly Booked Wedding Suppliers

Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis Tell Me More Facebook Interview Terry Lewis, Author, Tells Me More about Getting Successfully Booked from Crystal Yarlott on Vimeo. So many times necessity is the mother of invention. When Terry began to fail at trying to be everything to everybody, he changed his tune (pun intended of course since Terry is a DJ). He created an effective system that’s made him a top wedding professional in the UK. New Program for all wedding professionals Terry is coming out with a new online program for wedding business professionals. Check the course out by clicking this link: Wedding Business… Read More »

Blessing Of the Rings

Exchanging wedding rings is one of the highlights if not THE highlight of a wedding ceremony. Here are ways to convey the meaning of the rings’ symbolism.   Community Blessing of the Wedding Rings There’s a number of great ways to include guests in the blessing of the couple’s rings. Option 1: As the ceremony begins, have the wedding rings in a pouch easily and tightly closed at the top. The Officiant will announce the rings are being passed around for each guest to silently bless. Have one of the Attendants begin passing the rings around. Have an Attendant from… Read More »

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