Planning Your Wedding Tips

The Problem of Perfectionism

The problem of perfectionism If you’re engaged and planning a wedding and celebration, perfectionism has probably seduced you already. You’re on course to ruin your day if you need to have everything perfect. Perfectionism drowns your special day in unrealistic expectations.  The red flags are there. You and your partner pick on each other. Few seem to understand what you’re going through. If the allure of perfectionism is strong enough, any possibility that your vision won’t come together could lead you to withdraw from friends and family.  The drive for perfection is strong. You think when every detail is in… Read More »

It’s the Little Things

.Traditional wedding or with contemporary simplicity, couples still value the little things that infuse their wedding day with meaning.   Take the lovely tradition of incorporating “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” to your wedding gown or suit. Each has it’s own special meaning meant to add importance and good luck for a long life together.    Many brides and grooms I’ve officiated for have somehow woven each of these items into their wedding regardless of how avante guard they may be. In our very heart we know it’s the little things that… Read More »

Wedding Ceremony Vacation

Types of vacations YOU NEED:   Week to sleep Week to make no decisions Week to get over trying to make everyone happy  Week to relax from researching vows, pick readings and special services so your wedding ceremony isn’t ho-hum.   Hey, we got week four taken care of. Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants can give you the vacation you deserve. The sleeping one.    Just think how much more relaxed you can be planning your wedding ceremony with our expert officiants, support, and resources at your service. We’ve been officiating in northern Michigan since 2005, and since we starting doing… Read More »

Manage Your Wedding Stress

How to get more done without going crazy Engaged couples, wedding stress is always in the room with you when this could be an awesome time for connection and excitement. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you face some unique stresses in a day and age when stress is high anyway. You have an extra set of details, decisions, and emotions to  manage even if you have one of our fabulous event planners from the Traverse City area organizing on your behalf.   But all is not lost.    Stress we collectively endure Expert copywriter, Stephanie Fleming of Ready to… Read More »

Your Simple Wedding Ceremony

The trend is simple ceremonies “We just want something short and simple,” is the answer to my question, “What type of ceremony are you looking for?” I receive more often these days. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, even if it’s motivated by being shy, nervous or linking the concept of simple to affordable. What my task is as an officiant is to understand and define what simple means to you, so that short, sweet, simple, or to the point, doesn’t devolve into boring.     Consider these three points People come from far away to not only celebrate, but also… Read More »

How to Weather Bad Wedding Weather

Bad weather can be a real joy killer for the long awaited outdoor wedding. That’s why one month before the ceremony, I bet 95% of all couples begin to check their weather app every hour. Because “Let’s move the ceremony inside” due to bad weather is the last thing any couple wants to say, especially if you’re paying a hefty fee for your venue’s outdoor view.   One of my personal favorite locations has a chairlift and requires two mechanics at the bottom and the top of the lift. Getting to the site is a unique experience that is nothing… Read More »

Can You Have a Magical Wedding Ceremony?

Can an officiant create a magical wedding ceremony? Some couples have planned their wedding day since childhood. They imagine the dress, the rings, the tears, the kiss that seals their vows.   Then there’s the party. They see their friends and family dancing, having a great time, the taste of wonderful food, and making connections after years of separation. All these can bring on a powerful sense of satisfaction. IF only on the actual day those dreams come true, the couple can even remember what happened. Enter the blur Because for many couples their wedding day is a blur. Those… Read More »

Simple, Sweet, and Meaningful Ceremony

Your Short and Simple Ceremony   Besides being asked what my fee is to officiate a wedding, the second comment I receive most is, “I just want a short and simple ceremony.” Which leads me to ask, “What do you mean by short and simple?”   Defining sweet, short and simple Wedding ceremonies for someone who comes from a traditional background, short and sweet could mean one hour and lots of references to Lord. That’s because traditionally led wedding ceremonies can last several hours and are sometimes designed to be testimonials to a particular theology. For the people who spend… Read More »

Un-canned Must be Planned

Time is one of your most valuable possessions, yes? Everybody on the planet has things to do and planning your wedding is one of those to do’s you most likely must participate in.   Un-canned must be planned If you want a ceremony that’s not canned, then your officiant has to find out what’s important to you, what preferences you have and present you with some options to choose from. Some of your precious time will need to be devoted to the wedding planning meeting.  But how much time?   Exchanging Vows Only Does NOT a Ceremony Make If you’re… Read More »

Officiants with Flexibility – #3

On your wedding day, having an officiant with some flexibility and open-mindedness so that they’ll meet you where you are is important to having a fabulous experience you’ll remember forever.  Here’s our #3 question of 10 in our series of questions you should ask a potential officiant instead of only ask “how much do you charge?’   This is the first time you’ve looked for an officiant, right? Because you’ve probably never searched for an officiant before, take to your officiant interview a set of questions that ask more than “how much do you charge?” In depth questions will help… Read More »

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