Questions of Relationship

Can You Have a Magical Wedding Ceremony?

Can an officiant create a magical wedding ceremony? Some couples have planned their wedding day since childhood. They imagine the dress, the rings, the tears, the kiss that seals their vows.   Then there’s the party. They see their friends and family dancing, having a great time, the taste of wonderful food, and making connections after years of separation. All these can bring on a powerful sense of satisfaction. IF only on the actual day those dreams come true, the couple can even remember what happened. Enter the blur Because for many couples their wedding day is a blur. Those… Read More »

A bank account without money

One of the skills you learn or build on when you get married is how to solve problems together. You are a team member now who’s taken on the challenge to negotiate with each other the kinds of things you enjoy as a couple. Then there’s all those things you did because you didn’t have to check in with or take action with anyone but yourself. As a team, you’ll need to build an emotional bank account with each other. Cooperation, support, encouragement – these make deposits in the bank. Criticism, shame, digging your heels in without merit make withdrawals.… Read More »

So much to be thankful for

The Things I’m Thankful for as a Wedding Officiant Life has an interesting way of reminding us to appreciate those things that we sometimes take for granted. Many years ago, when I first started on this career, I didn’t have money to make my new mortgage payment. I barely had food for myself or my two dogs in my refrigerator. I was too proud to ask my friends or family for help. I’d just left my church in Atlanta, GA. I foolishly  athought everyone was going to follow me into my new endeavors. They did not. Here it comes, the… Read More »

Take a break from perfection

Break from perfection  I’ve seen it happen too many times:  Brides and Grooms want everything to be perfect. Then —  they get picky with each other. Demanding or even withdrawn from friends and family.  They may suffer from DIOMO (Do It on My Own) Loose sleep and precious time together that they’ll never get back.  Truthfully, the only thing I know of to avoid wedding planning tension and the stressful disconnect from loving each other is to elope and have a little wedding. But even an elopement must be thought through. Wedding blues Oh man, I love weddings, big, small… Read More »

Little Love Teachers


  (You can listen to Rev Crystal read this blog post and multitask to your heart’s content!) What’s the single most wonderful thing about having children? Narrowing it down to one characteristic might be pretty difficult, but let’s give it a go anyway. I’ve never had children so I’m asking you what you think. My first guess is they are little love teachers. Bring Out the Softness Alicia explained how her young daughter is a comfort to her as she adjusts to the passing on of  her grandmother she was so close to. Her son will tell her out of… Read More »

Your Sixth Sense

Your love for one another taps you into your sixth sense. What brings your Sixth Sense Front and Center? You have experienced it – there is power in love. Love is spiritual in nature. Fully loving another human being brings this powerful sixth sense front and center. Loving makes you feel good down into your bones. Colors look brighter, you notice pretty things with more delight, your favorite sports team’s wins seem more fantastic – you like your cat even more than before. Love opens your senses down to your neurons and cell receptors to new perceptions. Love essentially re-paves… Read More »

Should You Change Your Last Name?

I have always had the same last name. When I had a crush on Tim in 6th grade I wrote my first name over and over with his last name. He didn’t know I existed. In the 1960’s when I was in the midst of defining who I might possibly be when I “grew up”, the hippie era was born. Back then I had long straight blond hair like my idol, Joni Mitchell. I wore bell-bottom jeans (now called wide boot cut, how boring) embroidered with flowers, I painted matching daisies on the little mole on the left side of… Read More »

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