Un-canned Must be Planned

Time is one of your most valuable possessions, yes? Everybody on the planet has things to do and planning your wedding is one of those to do’s you most likely must participate in.   Un-canned must be planned If you want a ceremony that’s not canned, then your officiant has to find out what’s important to you, what preferences you have and present you with some options to choose from. Some of your precious time will need to be devoted to the wedding planning meeting.  But how much time?   Exchanging Vows Only Does NOT a Ceremony Make If you’re… Read More »

#6 What’s Your Refund Policy?

Question #6 — What’s your refund policy? Here’s the next question in our series, 10 Questions to Ask instead of How Much Do You Charge.   Heaven forbid you have to cancel or postpone your ceremony for any reason whatsoever. BUT it’s better to know what an officiant’s refund policy is in advance so you know if you can get your money back or not.   Expect the unexpected is a lesson we all learned, is it not?   The Impact of the Pandemic on Wedding Vendors Many officiants lost weddings to the impact of the pandemic. Yes, we know… Read More »

Officiants with Flexibility – #3

On your wedding day, having an officiant with some flexibility and open-mindedness so that they’ll meet you where you are is important to having a fabulous experience you’ll remember forever.  Here’s our #3 question of 10 in our series of questions you should ask a potential officiant instead of only ask “how much do you charge?’   This is the first time you’ve looked for an officiant, right? Because you’ve probably never searched for an officiant before, take to your officiant interview a set of questions that ask more than “how much do you charge?” In depth questions will help… Read More »

Brilliant Ceremony Checklist

Wedding Ceremony Checklist Prep Steps Most of you have a wedding day checklist. I’ve seen your fat folders and bulging spiral notebooks. Planning the day, Your Day, is the first thing on any bride-to-be’s mind after saying, “I Do!” First Congrats! Second, don’t panic.   There’s a lot of pressure to get this right. And surely you know someone (who will remain nameless) that over planned, frazzled up, and lost their cool on the big day.   There is nothing wrong with having a plan. In fact, a well tailor plan can free your mind to concentrate on the things… Read More »

Create Your Own Wedding Ceremony Playbook

Write the Wedding Ceremony Playbook that’s about you As a creative and a wedding officiant I let my couples know they don’t have to write a wedding ceremony for themselves. That’s my job. I enjoy the challenge of putting words together to form a picture and a feeling. Plus I love to find things out about my couple and incorporate them into what I call my Framework Ceremony. It’s the bones of the ceremony I always use. There are officiants who create a new ceremony every single time. But over the more than 30 years I’ve been involved in leading… Read More »

Officiants Honoring Their Pets

Changed Life by Your Pet Here’s an invitation to share the name of an animal who changed your life. I’ve had many. Like the white dog pictured here. That’s Mugsy. I saw him born, he traveled with me, and put up with me. He and I walked miles and miles and miles together. is long-tailed fluff ball made my Dad learn to love small dogs. How about you? What pets made a difference in your life? I’d love to know the name of the lucky dog or horse, snake or parrot who made you a calmer, gentler, more fun-loving person.… Read More »

Questions To Ask In Your Officiant Interviews

Questions You Should Be Asking When You Interview Officiants By far, the most common interview questions I get asked are: How much does it cost for a simple ceremony Can you get our marriage license for us Do I have to sign my new name or can I keep my maiden name Do you require premarital counseling All great questions! And all important when you’re interviewing an officiant to hire for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony. But you know that whole concept of “you don’t know what you don’t know”? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. And here’s the… Read More »

What You Wear and What Message You Send

I think you’re beautiful. This is true, first and foremost. What you wear, has to be fair for you. I don’t care what your age is, whether you’re skinny, tall, overweight, bulky, baggy, saggy or boney. You’re a part of this world, and you’re beautiful. Not about a Dress Code Depending on who you are, and your style, there is something telling about what you wear given the role you play. Underlying guidelines rather than saying you must wear something specific like a black suit and a pastoral collar. So let’s start here: how do you feel about the way… Read More »

The New Year Purge

How to Start Your 2021 Wedding Day with Less Anxiety You, like every engaged couple, want to have a wonderful, memorable wedding day. Don’t you? Don’t you love knowing your friends and family are going to be together for your most special day? Or that everything, down to the last detail, will go off as planned? But what happens when your hopes and dreams, i.e. wanting the wedding day of your dreams to be totally awesome, turns into unmet expectations, and huge disappointments because of safety protocols, lockdowns and vendor cancellations? I started 2020 with more couples booked than ever… Read More »

Bob Marley on Marriage — National Hugging Day

We deserve a hug, no doubt about it. So we’re here to share a replacement we hope will only last for part of 2021. But for now, the next best thing could be the wisdom of Bob Marley. Click the photo to enlarge, my friend, and let his words hug your heart and expand your mind!! Click >>>>> Bob Marley marriage for your pdf of Bob Marley’s words. Want to incorporate Bob Marley or Arctic Monkeys for that matter, into your upcoming wedding ceremony? Contact us for a chat about how we can highlight how who you are and the… Read More »

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