Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies

Ready to Marry the Love of Your Life?

LGBTQ weddingsI’m Honored to be the Officiant to Openly Marry the Two of You

Creating your ceremony will be simple and fun.

As one of my respected LGBT couples, you can relax and enjoy the worry-free process.


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Here’s Rachel and Sarah’s review of their wedding ceremony in Northern Michigan.

Planning Your Ceremony to Reflect Your Values, Creativity and Unique Perspective

We’ll create a ceremony that reflects the depth of your love, acknowledges the power of your commitment, and celebrates the joy you bring each other.

You will receive the same respectful treatment as any other couple who comes to me for a marriage ceremony.

The Process

Initial Interview: We can meet in person,  FaceTime, Zoom or Skype to discuss your ideas about your ceremony. We will decide if we are a fit as officiant and couple.

Hiring: When you decide to hire me as your wedding officiant, you receive a confirmation letter that serves as our contract. That contract will be emailed to you as well as a packet of selections that you may or may not want to use to help me customize your ceremony. Personalizing your ceremony is our next step.

Planning Meeting(s): Bring any ideas you have, any questions you have to our meeting. This is the time to iron out the details and get everything necessary on the table.If you need suggestions, you will have access to my many resources. You do not have to wade through heterosexual verbiage but materials that are geared to your lifestyle. I will have some questions for you to assist me in understanding how you feel about each other and how to incorporate these ideas into your same sex ceremony.

Preparation of your ceremony: I take the details and ideas we discussed in the planning meeting and create your ceremony. You have up to a month in advance to add or remove any elements previously decided on. Unless you really really want to change something! We can review your ceremony in advance of your wedding day if you prefer.

Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants wedding

Ceremony: I arrive at the site of your wedding ceremony 30 minutes in advance. I conduct your ceremony with love and respect. Your marriage license is signed. You receive an original of your signed license for your records. I make a copy for my records and then mail the originals to the issuing County Clerk. Afterwards, I’ll email you the text of your ceremony.

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