Coin – Laso Ceremony

This unusual Coin – Laso Ceremony comes from the Romans. The tradition included dividing up a quantity of gold or silver with one half  kept by the woman and the other half by the man as a pledge of their marriage.

Nowadays, las arras (Spanish for “The Coins”), are 13 coins substituted for the gold and silver of old.

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Set Up 

For this ceremony you’ll need:

  1. Coins and
  2. Arras or Laso, and
  3. 2 sponsors, preferably a married couple to provide the lasos / arras as a gift to the Couple.

Find a Laso 

Find Wedding Coins

A table sits with the coins in a small box. Alternative: A relative of the couple brings the box with the coins forward and gives it to the Officiant.

Blessing the Coins

Officiant: These coins are blessed by the love of God and all who are here with us today. May the meaning of this ceremony open their hearts and open the way to all good in their marriage together!

Officiant removes the coin – lasos from the box and places them in the Groom’s cupped hands.

Exchange of Coins

Groom: “Bride’s Name, receive also these coins: they are a token of the care that I will have for you so that we will not lack what is necessary for us in our home.” 

Groom drops the coins in Bride’s cupped hands.

Bride:  “Groom’s Name, I receive these coins as a token of God’s blessing upon us and a sign of the goods that we will share together.”

Bride drops the coins back into the Groom’s cupped hands


Officiant:  The 13 coins are significant because they denote the unconditional love between the husband and wife. The groom pledges to place all of his goods into her care. The passing of coins back and forth is a symbol of sharing worldly goods for richer or for poorer. The bride then gives the groom the coins, promising confidence and dedication to him. These coins become one of the family heirlooms. The number 13 represents the goods to be shared by the bride and groom during the 12 months of each year, while the 13th coin is their promise to share their wealth with the poor.

Exchange of Laso

Presenting the Arras / Lasos by the Sponsors

Officiant: This symbolic cord represents the commitment blessed by God that the bride and groom have promised each other. The Arras/Lasos points to the one life the couple will share. This life, imitating a Rosary, will be filled with joyful, sorrowful, luminous and joyful mysteries.

Invite Sponsors to present the Arras/Lasos to Officiant.

Blessing the Arras/Laso

Officiant:  We know our Loving Creator is the wisdom that brought Couple’s Names together in marriage and expresses in their marriage as a love that grows daily, one day at a time. His love will always be available to them no matter where they go or what they do. We pray they remember to ask for His help whenever there is a need, or just for the joy of talking with God.

Reading–Romans 12: 1-21 — Optional

Sponsors place the Rosary around the Couple’s necks

Officiant: Couple’s Names, may the joining together with this rosary, the Rosary of the always Blessed Virgin Mary, be an inspiration for both of you. Remember that the holiness needed to preserve this new family, like the family of God, can only be obtained through mutual love and sacrifice.

May the love and wisdom of those who have gone before you in lasting marriage be an example to you during your entire life together!

Sponsors are seated.

Couple returns to their place with the Officiant.

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