Creativity and the Small Ceremony

wedding ceremony trendsBells and whistles of creativity

Creativity is being able to take simple elements and let our imagination add bells and whistles in tasteful ways to reveal the wow factor. This is a quality I believed I had in large measure.

You could see my creativity in the paint on the walls in the house, the finishes on my cabinets, the names of my dogs. If you read my bio, you’d it was either creative or crazy how I traveled from one side of the country to the other.

Over the years, my couples and I applied inventiveness to their wedding. Their story was told in fun and engaging ways with the different methods I developed over the 30+ years of officiating. Couples and guests were generally very impressed with their distinctive, meaningful ceremony.

Even optional prayers were appreciated because they weren’t preachy or stodgy. Instead, they were let’s gather together and acknowledge the power of this couple’s love, prayers.

When the world as we knew it walked down the hall into history

When the pandemic hit, and the world as we knew it walked down the hall into history, it took a while to grasp what it all meant. Disastrous consequences barged in hour after hour on TV, social media and radio. We were continually shocked about what was happening. The creativity I prided myself on seemed stashed out of reach. The inner lock-out paralleled the outer shut-down taking place.

We just want to elope

No engaged couples called for about a month. Eventually a few called to reschedule. They’d announce their request to change in a whisper. It was as if the low tone kept their upset from waking up and lashing out. 

When we started to make our way through our collective shock, couples started to call again. Brides or grooms informed me, “We just want to elope.” 

September weddingElopements have never been creative opportunities for me. They’re short. Simple. Little connection is made with the couple I’m officiating for.

But at the same time, I didn’t have the energy to draw the same creative impulses out of myself.

The kinds of ceremonies I created switched from being a detailed revelation of their character to simple statements. Stories became no frill allotments of short and sweet.

And here’s the welcome truth:  I LOVE THIS NEW CEREMONY.

Bright, charming, truthful

It’s bright, charming, poignant, gracious, and true of every couple there ever was. This new ritual doesn’t take hours and hours of reworking to get it just right.

My creativity is still with me and available to my couples. It cannot be shut down.

The ingenuity I prided myself on hasn’t been plunged into the abyss of the political wasteland. Masks haven’t stopped it or taken away artistic license, but actually enhanced it by simplifying it.  

Something new to buy

Yoav Aziz, photographer

Yesterday, I pulled out my favorite bowl from the cupboard. I grabbed it by the lip which had a crack in it. It fell and broke in a zillion pieces.

This platter bowl had sentimental value (a gift from my late Mom). I used it every single day for dinner, if not for lunch too. I started to get heartbroken. There were too many pieces to put the platter bowl back together.

I figured it was pretty creative that the thought which occurred to me was not “OH NO.” Instead, I heard myself say, “Oh great, something new to buy.”

I let the broken bowl go. Just dumped those pieces in the trash and now I’m ready to find something new.

A few sentences

Just like ceremonies used to be a fun and detailed story of my couple’s journey into love, now, a few sentences get to the heart of what their story means. Something new and wonderful has been created to take its place.

For now.

Certain details of an elopement ceremony took place even on a rainy day

Come rain or shine they are joined as wives!

In the process, I’ve become a real fan of the condensed ceremony that’s been named the Minimony. Call it an Elopement ceremony, it doesn’t matter. It’s a little wedding ceremony that can be held anywhere and everywhere and still pack in the wow factor.

So if you’re looking for short, sweet, bright, meaningful, charming and innovative way to get married to the one you love the best, give me a call.

These days, when you elope, count on the fact your stress level will be much less, and so will mine. Creativity cannot be shut down and neither can the ceremony that honors the love you’ve found.




Rev Crystal

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