Christian Cross Ceremony

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Officiant: “Now we shall celebrate this new union with a Unity Cross Ceremony.”

Bride and Groom should stand behind the altar so they do not have their backs to their guests.

Officiant:  Couple’s Names, the covenant that you are making today is a three part covenant- Groom, Bride, and our Lord Jesus Christ/God/Higher Power.  Through this commitment, from this moment forward you will both be together on your journey through life and you will never be alone. Throughout life you will experience much joy and happiness, victories and many blessings. During these times, remember that the Lord is there to celebrate with you.

Officiant: You will also experience times of tough decisions, sorrow and defeat. These are the times that you will need to remember that the Lord is also with you. It is during these moments that, He will be your strength, your rock, your refuge. He will be there to carry you both through and He will never break covenant with you. You will be able to turn to His word, for He freely gives wisdom to those who ask. His word is true and it never changes. His word is the same yesterday, today and forever.

To demonstrate you’re becoming one in this three-part covenant, you have chosen to assemble The Unity Cross. The Unity Cross represents the two of you becoming one with Christ.

This cross represents the faith of Couples Names knowing that they place Christ first at the center of their marriage and trust Him to lead them on this new journey that they begin together today.

(Holding Groom’s piece of the Unity Cross):

Officiant: The outer piece of the cross represents you Groom. It is strong and bold. It represents your roll as the leader and protector of your family. In the book of Ephesians you are reminded to love (Bride) as Jesus Loved the Church, totally and completely giving yourself for her.

(Officiant hands the piece to the Groom and he places his cross onto the base.)

(Officiant holding the Bride’s piece of the cross.)

Officiant:  “In Genesis the scripture tells us that woman was created from man. Bride’s Name the inside piece of the cross represents you. It is delicate and it is beautiful. It represents your many capabilities and how God created you with such intricate detail and how you fit perfectly inside the protection of Groom’s Name, completing the sculpture and representing the two becoming one

(Officiant hands the piece to the Bride and she places her piece inside the cross.)

Officiant:  These three pegs represent the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. They represent how the Lord holds together this covenant with His security and the Completeness that only our Heavenly Father can give. We will insert the pegs completing the sculpture showing God’s place in Couple’s Names marriage.

(If applicable: At this time the three pegs will be placed into the Unity Cross — the Officiant places the one at the top, Groom the one on his side and Bride the one on her side, completing the sculpture.)

Officiant:  The scriptures tell us that a three stranded cord is not easily broken (Ecc. 4:12, Matthew:19 5-6)  “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,  and the two shall become one flesh, So, they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.

(Officiant and Couple back up and take their places to continue the ceremony.)


Officiant:  God of love, bless the marriage of Couple’s Names. Surround their relationship and their home with an ever-growing love. May they always be aware of your presence and your care in their lives. And now, Couple’s Name) May the grace of Christ attend you, the love of God surround you, and the Holy Spirit keep you. Amen.

(Couple returns to their places in front of the Officiant.)

Click for the PDF of Christian Cross Ceremony

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