Decisions, decisions. Weddings are full of decisions that you must make. Color themes. Who will read the readings? What budget item can I override? Do I really want to marry this person or should I change my mind??? Where can I send Uncle Joe to stay overnight with?

The Difference

Whether you make your decision based on inspiration or motivate can put you on an entirely different path quickly. There IS a difference between being motivated to make a decision and being inspired to go one way or the other. Being motivated comes via your head self-talk, that is in some degree of fear – if I don’t do this _____ (fill in the blank) this ____ will or won’t happen.” Or who hasn’t thought, “Everyone else is doing this (like buying fidget spinners). I better do it too.” Motivation is based on outer experiences and they are subject to quick changes and shifting winds of opinion. Motivation is not as secure a place to move through life from because it’s so changeable.

On the other hand, Inspiration is about being led and being opened up to a perspective from within that has no urgency or agenda. Instead, there is a positive knowingness that accompanies the idea or action. That doesn’t mean inspiration doesn’t come with a moderate amount of inner chatter, but inspiration feels different.

Example:  When I placed my mother in assisted living, I was scared and felt guilty. But undergirding those feelings was a knowing that placing her was the best thing I could do for both of us. She’d have people around her all the time, and she’d be safe. I could become her daughter instead of her caregiver.

A God Thing?

Inspiration is often associated with a God thing. I think of God as Love, an energy, a presence, but not a big bearded guy on a big throne in the sky. This Michaelangeloean character is portrayed as talking in your ear or sending a messenger (reminds me of a dirty joke I used to tell). But it does mean trusting you have within you a connection to a larger stream of Intelligence and Power. Spiritual. Not so much religious.

This installment of the newsletter will be about being inspired in our decision-making process.  When you are in a relationship as intense and rewarding as a marriage, making decisions together is a key element of working together toward your common goals and maintaining harmony. Using your intuition is the way to make decisions from an inner orientation. “Being led” is about that gut feeling, the subtle voice we hear within us and so often, if you are like me, ignore. Personally I’d like inspiration to be more bull-horn loud and obvious!

But learning to listen and respond to this voice of inspiration’s powerful. Let me know what you think or feel about this. I love hearing from you!