It’s noble that we think God needs our help. Those of us who believe we are doing God’s work, have to be super careful it’s not an ego trip we are on. Being taken up with our own importance. A weak sense of self being bolstered because we think others will approve of us for what we do. God doesn’t need our help. God needs us to be gentle and kind, strong and forgiving. Centered and sane. An expression of unconditional love.

All these are tall orders and one that takes daily practice to even begin to live up to them. I get it. Loving is not always easy. But loving is never about violence.

What I Can’t Control is People

So I am saddened when something I cannot control like a crazy person thinking she or he is doing God’s work by killing people plays their warped hand again. I don’t brandish a gun but I often brandish words and opinions. Though I might not be aware of it, my butting into people’s lives with “you should”, it’s a popular notion of being helpful. But often it is nothing more than my personal opinion which is a reflection of my own experiences.

Not theirs.

Inner and Outer Truth

This is the danger in judging from the outside what I think is going on with someone on the inside. Which if honest, I am doing myself right now. So I can get knocked on my metaphysical behind because I often know very little what another person has been through. Judging someone can be understandable though, because many of us put up a good front. So who can blame us for making a mistaken judgment. How many of us are really ourself? Often our life partner is one of the few people we are really our self with.

Mostly people are good on the inside, want to love and be loved. A bit crazed by the all the inconsistencies we all have to reconcile in our own mind. But we have weird ways of expressing our goodness. Our minds have been held hostage by the words and actions of others. Put God in the mix and we have double trouble. Because when a person says God told him or her to say something unkind, or do a violent act, that usually means the end of the conversation.

There’s no arguing with God.

Because the Orlando gunman who swore his allegiance to ISIS (who say they believe in the true Islam), this killing morphed into his helping God out. When violence is acted out in the name of God, it says God has lost control of the world. These gay people are sinning against God. So he essentially said by his actions he would help God because God would sanction him killing them and helping to wipe the LGBT community off the face of the earth. Wow. Really? It’s so difficult to put myself into that frame of mind. I don’t know that I can or if doing so would do any good.

All I know is I believe God is love. And while I also believe as soon as someone leaves their body they are one with pure unconditional love again, hateful killing is not in God’s plan. I want to look forward to my gay and lesbian friends being able to express themselves openly. I want them to be relaxed about being married or together in whatever way they decide is right for them.

So I support gun control. No one needs a machine gun. NO ONE.

That’s my opinion.

Trevor NoahTrevor Noah Wisdom

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show on Comedy Central put into words one of the best arguments for gun control. I’ve heard the reasoning that mass shootings are not about the gun, but rather the person who is pulling the trigger that is to blame. I agree. But here’s where the reasoning not to control guns breaks down for me:

If it’s not the guns, then why in war is capturing or destroying arms compounds and ammunition dumps such a priority? Because if the “enemy” doesn’t have guns, they can’t kill our soldiers. So this anti gun-control lobby is not just about the right to bear arms. It’s selective. It’s about privilege, and profit, not just about who shoots the gun. I want it my way when it suits me but don’t ask me to be fair.


While I don’t know what goes on in the minds of the gun lobbyists and gun supporters, I vote for love. So I pray for them to let a deeper love than they have known before enter into their awareness. Love has always been there. Find balance. The right to bear arms should not get in the way of the right to live.

Does God Need Our Help?

I am smart but not smart enough to help God. Are you? Does God need our help? To set someone straight or shoot them because THAT’s supposed to solve the problem?

I am smart enough to continue to seek to know my inner Self which is a part of the Love that is in all creation. More than ever I want to listen for the small voice speaking to me when I get frantic or upset. This voice gently leads me to be kind to myself and others. It’s never in a hurry, never frantic, never judgmental nor unkind. It always leads me towards something better, never away from anything awful.

So while this newsletter has little to do with your wedding, I hope you can find that it does have to do with love. To love, we have to let go of trying to control the circumstances that are around us. The control we do have is how deeply we can listen for the voice of love and live our life from the inside to the outer, not the other way around.

Thank you for loving each other with your heart and not your head. And seriously considering gun control is part of the answer to making us safe.