What is an Easy Going Ceremony like?

Can you have an easy going ceremony rather than traditional?


Opposite setting of an Easy Going Ceremony

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Traditional wedding ceremonies aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean an easy going ceremony isn’t meaningful.

For example, formal language like “thee” or “thou” and the patriarchal practice of giving the bride away to the groom is considered traditional.

There may or may not be humor in the ceremony.

An emphasis may be put on a masculine God-figure and the importance of religious practices.

Our easy going ceremony style accentuates your friendship with each other, and how your love makes the world a better place. We believe your commitment to one another strengthens the power of your love, which heals and inspires us all.


Mutuality and Equality

Mutuality and equality are an important part of our ceremonies. For example, when the bride comes up the aisle, the couple is brought together by their mutual desire to be married. One partner isn’t “given” to another.


We are happy to include references to God, Creator or Divine Love, but prayer is optional. Our prayers are not come-to-Jesus prayers, but are prayers of unity and celebration.


Humor anyone?

Easy Going ceremony couple laughing

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The words we put together on our couple’s behalf can include humor. In fact, our couples can choose from optional readings that can lighten the tone of their event.


Does this sounds like you? Your ceremony can have a relaxed, easy going style and honor the importance of your promises. Contact us to discuss the things you value, and how your love makes the world a better place.

We’d love the opportunity to be part of your very special day! We have lots of ideas to make the process easy for you, and we love to incorporate your ideas into your ceremony. And best yet — you DON’T have to write your ceremony! We will do that for you too, and make sure it fits who you are and what you value. 



Click the following link to download a ceremony package description for our 2023-EasyGoing Ceremony



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